Thank you – Weekly Update – Parent Questionnaire

Dear Parents ,

Thank you for all parents who have come to share the progress and attainment of their child/ren in Arabic class. I am also available for parents who could not make it for the SLC… Just drop me an e- mail .

I would appreciate your feed back on teaching and learning in my class by filling this short questionnaire for me .

I will also be putting it on the blog with the weekly update !

As for the weekly updates , we have covered ع  and غ last week and this week we are covering the هـ . I will be sending only the H.W sheet/s in the folder. The plan will be on the blog . We are trying to be ECO friendly and cut down on wasting paper ( trees ) and money.

Here are the plans

KGII Weekly Plan ع ِ April 2018 -1tykk7t

KGII Weekly Plan ِغ -1grnahn

KGII Weekly Plan April 29 -May 3rd 2018 -2hy5m3o

Thanks again ,

Ms. Neveen Refaat

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