FOLDERS to KEEP / Two Weeks Update for December 4th till 14th , 2017

Dear KG2 Parents ,

It is that busy time of the year , next time , I blog , it will be a NEW YEAR :)….. so I thought I will help by keeping the folders with me . Your child will get his ” Homework Sheet ” only and the plans will be on the blog .

We are doing the following TWO LETTERS

ز       ف

We are done with       ز           , the sound ” z ” in English and we will be doing the letter      ف      the sound ” f” in English  this week .

Here are the plans for the two Weeks

KG II WP z Dec. 4 -7 . 2017 -1cqkh0x

KG II WP December 10 – 14th , 2017 -1zeix8g

Happy Holidays

Neveen Refaat

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