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Hello Parents and Students,

Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year!  I hope you all had a great summer and I hope our students are ready and excited to start school on Monday, September 11th.

This school year I will be teaching all of grade 5, grade 4, grade 3, and one grade 1 class (1KY).  PE will be set up a little differently this year.  Only one grade will have PE at a time for about 4 weeks.  Grade 5 will start with PE to begin the year.

Please be sure on days of PE that students have on trainers or sneakers.  Students will not be able to participate in PE without the proper footwear.  I would also suggest that students bring a water bottle and if PE is outside they should have a hat.  Lastly students should avoid wearing any jewelry on days of PE.  If students do have jewelry on they will be asked to take it off prior to the lesson, so to avoid any lost items it may be easier to leave it at home.

I look forward to teaching all of my students and I can’t wait to have a lot of fun with you this year in PE.

See you Monday!



Rob Calandra

Elementary PE Teacher




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Hello Everyone!


Over the past three weeks our students have been having a blast while in the pool during PE class.  I have seen so many students improve their swimming drastically from the first lesson we had until now.  Some students who were once afraid of the water now look forward to their swimming lesson and are even enjoying their time in the water while looking much more comfortable.

The week of October 30th will be the last week of swimming for my KG2 and Grade 1 students.  If your child is scheduled to swim on October 31st they do not need to bring any of their swimming gear with them as we will not be swimming due to many students coming in with Halloween costumes.

The week of November 6th, PE will be conducted outside on the field for KG2 and Grade 1.   Please make sure students come to school with hats and water bottles on those days.  We will be doing a variety of different games and sports while on the field that will be involving the students fine and gross motor skills.

Enjoy the rest of your Week!


-Mr. Calandra

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Welcome Back!

Hello Parents and Students,

Welcome back to the 2016/17 school year!  My name is Mr. Calandra and I am the Physical Education (PE) teacher for your KG2 and Grade 1 kiddos!  I have met some of your children already this week and look forward to meeting the rest in the days to come.  

I am new to UAS this year, but have been teaching Elementary PE for the past two years in Dubai.  I am originally from New York where I received my undergraduate degree in PE, a Master’s degree in Coaching and started my teaching career. I am super excited to join the UAS community and look forward to meeting you all at open school night.

I have attached a link below which provides details regarding the PE curriculum for this school year.  At UAS one of our main priorities is child safety!  I would kindly request that your children refrain from wearing ANY jewelry on their PE days (earrings, bracelets, watches, necklaces.) 

 Please also ensure that your children are prepared with the following materials:  

  • PE uniform (T-shirt and shorts)
  • Sport shoes
  • Water bottle (please mark name on bottle)
  • Hat 

Thank you for your cooperation and please feel free to email me with any questions at

UAS ES PE Course Outline [3]

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