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Adverts and Advertising

This week, I learned about advertising. Look up at a billboard. It’s an add. Most magazines have many ads in them. Same with newspapers. Ads are pretty much a companies way of making you want to buy their product. Ads … Continue reading

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The Best of U.O.I.: My Innovation

Do you know how to make an innovation? Could it help? Our central idea in U.O.I. was The World Changes Due to Natural Process and Human Innovation. We learned about: How to stay safe from natural disasters Volcanos Human innovation Landslides/Natural … Continue reading

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Me and Aiya’s……Innovation!

Popsicle sticks, straws, a stack of paper and foam plates, toothpicks, bags and tape on the tables. All for U.O.I. that afternoon. Our innovation project that afternoon was to take normal, ordinary things and make something interesting and new. Me … Continue reading

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