Wow! Decimals!

This unit, we were working on decimals. Decimals are a part of a whole number. I used to think that decimals were the point that separates the whole number from the decimal. What a mistake!

My favorite part of the decimals unit was learning about adding decimals. This is my favorite part because I did not know a lot about adding decimals before we started working on decimals and I wanted to learn about everything, adding decimals being one of them. Now I know all about adding decimals. Here is a problem I can do.   12.8 + 9.1 = 21.9.

Something I want to improve in decimals is adding thousandths. I want to be better at this for two reasons. One is that it takes a very long time to do because of all the digits and two is that Sometimes I get confused and do the problem sort of wrong. Something I learned is that you can subtract decimals more easily than add them! (in my opinion)

I hope you learned a lot about decimals and why I like them in this post! Bye!

Math Unit 3

This math unit I learned about factors, prime numbers, composite numbers, + and – sums and open number sentences. For extra work, I also did prime factorization and Penta Primes, a prime numbers puzzle.

I learned about prime numbers. Some prime numbers ARE 3,5 and 97. These are NOT prime numbers: 22, 40 and 14. Prime numbers have only two factors, one and itself. There are only two numbers that are not prime OR composite; one and zero. One only has one factor and zero, well, has no factors. Two is the only even prime number because it has two factors, one and two. All prime numbers are odd except 2.

I also learned about composite numbers. Composite numbers are all even except for two. Composite numbers are all even because even numbers can all be divided into more than half. Composite numbers are numbers like 10, 14 and 22. 10/5 is 2. 10/1 is 10. Composite numbers have more that two factors. The factors of 10 are 1,10,2 and 5.

We also worked on word problems. An example of one is:The man and his 23 dogs were walking along the street. Then, they met another man with 19 dogs came along. How many dogs were there now?

This is the end of my math post for today. Bye friends!