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Monday, June 18th, 2018

Today I started my project. I’m feeling a bit nervous because we had some conflict about the script doc and we wasted 8 minutes trying to resolve it. I hope that tomorrow we are more relaxed, careful and less reckless. I am looking forward to the presentation because it will be interesting to see what others think of our play. We are planning for some playdates to work on the costumes and props. I might do a bit of work on the setting description tonight. I think that because today was the first day of working on this and because we had just had a 4 day weekend, that is why we were a bit unstable. But I hope that tomorrow is a better day.

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018 

Today, my group and I started the script. It actually didn’t go that badly! We got the first scene and first narrator part. We also started the second scene and began to practice the first scene. We are on an exploding spaceship trying to escape to earth. I am very pleased with how today worked out. I think we were very committed even though there were some times when we were silly and off topic. But it didn’t get that bad and we managed to settle down. I think I showed self-management because I did my own work and helped my group as well all in good time. I also think I was open-minded because I did not mind changing up some things for the props and scenes. Areej was also helpful with showing Amirah and I where to make changes and what to delete. Amirah was helpful because she helped find some examples for the special effects. She also helped find some possible examples for the backdrops. All in all, I think we had a very successful day! Yayay hooray!

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Today we got a lot done. We memorized scene one, finished scene three and got almost halfway through scene four. Something I think might be challenging for us is the part where we have the exploding spaceship at the beginning. Another thing that might be hard is that we all start laughing when Areej is act crying. I think the thing that has been most enjoyable is when the Wendigo touches Amirah and she says “Hi, nice to meet you!” We exploded in laughter so many times. My goal by Thursday is to have scenes 4 and maybe 5 done. I also hope to put Aleena’s character in almost all of the scenes. I for one, think today was quite a success! I hope Areej and Amirah feel the same way!

Monday, June 25th, 2018

Hey guys! So yeah, It’s the last week of school and we are almost done with our play! Today, we decided that since we have so little time, we are making it a radio play. When it’s done, I will try to give you guys the audio on here and make sure to comment about whether you like it or not. Today turned out to be a do almost nothing day. We barely did anything with the script and spent almost the whole time on silly sound effects. I really do hope we can get everything done by Wednesday. And guess how many scenes we have! 13! And there are going to be more! Although I said that we didn’t do a lot with the script, I just looked at it and realized that we finished 10 and 11 and got about halfway through scene 12 and started scene 13. I think that when we are done we will have somewhere between 13 and 18 scenes. I know, right? It’s a lot! So comment down below what number of scenes YOU think we will have and then when we are done with it I will tell you how many we wound up with in the end. So since we’re almost done, there will only be two or three more blog posts! HAPPY SUMMER! 🙂 See you next time!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

Well, we made it! Almost done. All we have to do is practice a bit and record! So I’m quite happy with how we have budgeted our time. And to answer your question, we have fifteen scenes counting the ending. We have two narrator parts that Amirah is saying and two or three days ago – I’m not sure – we welcomed Aleena into our group. She appears in scenes 5 through 14 as a fake wendigo and helpful friend. So I am quite happy that we have something of quality to present. And I am very happy that we finished the script. Although we didn’t have much time to practice because we are best friends me, Areej and Amirah, so we talk a lot and laugh a lot and get off topic a lot. Yeah, definitely a lot for us to get distracted with! Our plan in the end is to record the play and put it on Google Classroom. And tomorrow is the last full day before the end of the school year! Yay! Comment below when your school gets out and if it already did, I hope your vacation is going well! And if you want you can also comment on whether you want me to put the play on here! Cya tomorrow!

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