Personal Project June 2018



My ideas are:

Write a play

Find and act out a play

Make a play

My final decision is that I will… 

I will write and act out a play with Areej and Amirah

My plan is to…  

Think of a setting and characters, write a draft for the play, write a final copy for the play, get props, get costumes, act out the play

I will keep my work / information…  

The script will be on a Google Doc, the props will be at my house and the costumes will be at Amirah’s house

My final ‘product’ or my aim I am working to achieve is…

To have a play that we can present

Transdisciplinary Themes I am Working on:  

HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES: expressing ideas; creativity; music, drama, art, writing, poetry

Approaches to Learning I will Focus On: 

Thinking Skills – Understanding. Using knowledge in new situations.  Creating, designing, or inventing. Expressing feelings Making good decisions.

Self Management Skills -. Organization: Time management. Safety.  Appropriate behavior. Making good choices.

Communication Skills – Listening. Speaking. Reading. Writing. Presenting.

Research Skills – Planning. Drawing, note-taking, writing, organizing information.

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