Children Rights and Responsibilitys

Hi guys! In todays blog post, I will be reflecting on our last U.O.I. unit, The Rights and Responsibilities of Children. We did a lot in this unit, and I hope that you are impressed by what I did and learned.

The major project we did associated with the unit was a wax museum. The character I was was Anne Frank. She was a girl living in Netherlands, Amsterdam, from 1929-1945. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany. So the main idea of this project was to have us find out about a person and their rights, responsibilities  and who helped that person. Below is a video of my presentation while I was dressed up as Anne Frank.

CLICK HERE for the video!

Some stars for this project are: I ended up with a confident presentation to over 35 people and made $7.44 🙂  I was prepared and had enough to say. And I had notes and a bibliography that I recorded in and kept neat.

Some wishes I have are: I wish I talked a bit slower and I wish I said the same thing every time; I gave different speeches to different people, even though they were somewhat related.

One important thing that I think this project taught me was that even though you have a good life and education now, other kids just like me have no education and no good, nice houses. Another important thing I learned was that some things that were happening in 1880s, are still going on in some places and whatever you can do to help is very valuable.

Some action I think that I could take if I lived in the same time period would be to build a resistance fighting group to protect the Jewish people. Another thing I think I could do to help would be to help smuggle the Jewish people out of the country to somewhere where they would be safe forever.

Thank you for reading and see you next time! Byeeee!


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  1. I don’t think it matters that you gave different speeches to different people. If you tried to make it exactly the same each time, it might sound like you had remembered everything just perfectly and been a bit of a robot – without any personality.

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