Energy Reflection

Hi readers! Today, I will reflecting on my energy unit!


When we started this unit, we did a paper on energy called Thinking About Energy. We did the first part, Think 1, first. Now, as I look back on it, I had some very silly and strange answers! One was ‘Energy is what makes you not sleepy’ My first thought on this was OMG, what is this??? I had some other ones too, like ‘Some energy can be dangerous while other energy helps people live.’ At least this one was more reasonable than the other one. Now, I look back and see how much I learned!

Roller Coasters!

During some of our first projects, we were discovering what gave roller coasters the energy to move. Above are some pictures of what we were trying to do. The first time, we were trying different heights to drop a marble from so that it wouldn’t fall in the alligator pit. The second time, we were doing a roller coaster with hills and target marbles. Target marbles are marbles that are somewhere along the roller coaster that the first marble has to knock into.

Energy Summit Planning

Day 1. Trying stuff!
It worked!!! Taking pictures for the Energy Summit.
Domino ramp!

A lot later in the unit, we had our Energy Summit planning start. The Energy Summit is an event where we have a week to create a project that is related to energy. My project was a Chain Reaction Machine. At first, I thought it would be very easy, I would just get some stuff and put it together like a puzzle, but I soon discovered that it was not as easy as that. I only had 3 working designs out of a large number of 7, and I had to be very clam and steady, for I was working with dominoes on a carpet.

Energy Summit

I have visitors!!

I liked the Energy Summit for a lot of reasons. A few are that I had many people come and visit my tables, I had a good time in general, a lot of people were interested and said that they thought my project was one of the most creative they had seen and lastly, I was happy with how things went even though I couldn’t do everything I had planned.

The End!! I hope you enjoyed reading about my thoughts on the Energy unit! Bye and see you in my next post!!

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