Wow! Decimals!

This unit, we were working on decimals. Decimals are a part of a whole number. I used to think that decimals were the point that separates the whole number from the decimal. What a mistake!

My favorite part of the decimals unit was learning about adding decimals. This is my favorite part because I did not know a lot about adding decimals before we started working on decimals and I wanted to learn about everything, adding decimals being one of them. Now I know all about adding decimals. Here is a problem I can do.   12.8 + 9.1 = 21.9.

Something I want to improve in decimals is adding thousandths. I want to be better at this for two reasons. One is that it takes a very long time to do because of all the digits and two is that Sometimes I get confused and do the problem sort of wrong. Something I learned is that you can subtract decimals more easily than add them! (in my opinion)

I hope you learned a lot about decimals and why I like them in this post! Bye!

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