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Todays blog post is going to be my opinion essay I wrote about my favorite game, Star Stable. Enjoy!

Do you love horses? Video games? Well, if you love both, you really should try Star Stable. I love Star Stable mostly because if you are a horse lover and can’t have a horse, Star Stable lets you feel like you do have a horse! You also can change your horses very easily. I also love Star Stable because you can unlock new areas. The reason I love Star Stable the most is that there are new things added almost every week, like horses, quests, places and new features! Now, read on to find lots about Star Stable!

My first reason that Star Stable is the best is that if you are horse crazy but can’t have a horse, Star Stable lets you achieve your dream!

My first piece of evidence is when I was begging my dad for a horse and he said, “Go find a game that involves horses and stop bothering me!” That was all it took for me to go get my computer and start searching the web. Soon, I found Star Stable. I signed up right away and downloaded it. Soon, I had signed into the game and began playing. I was so happy that I finally had my own horse in a way!

My second piece of evidence is that you can highly customize your horses. When you sign up, you create your person and horse. There are 20 different mane and tail colors, and 16 different horse body colors. You can also chose a two part name out of over 1000 combinations! My first horse was a grey dapple with silver-white mane and tail. It was a stallion (male horse) named Tigersoul. You should always carefully choose your first horse because this is the horse you have the deepest connection to and the one that is the most important to the main story quests.

My third piece of evidence is that you can have as many horses as you want and change horses whenever you want! For example, even if you have only two horses, you can call for pickup or ride over to your stable to get on your other horse. An example of this is when I bought my second horse. The screen said it was in my stable. So, I just simply rode over to my stable and went in. My horse was in the first stall to the right so I just walked over and got on. This proves that it is very easy to change your horses. My proof that you can have as many horses as you want is that I have counted my horses multiple times and I have had  very large numbers recently. Some numbers are: 48, 51, 59 and 63. Another example is that also my sister and my friends also have told me they counted their horses and they have also reported high numbers.

My second reason that Star Stable is the best is that there are many areas to unlock.

The first example is that there are tons of more, new and exciting quests for each new area. For example, if you have finished an area like Moorland Stables, which is quite easy to complete, you might be anxious and impatient waiting to get to the next area and get more quests. When you unlock the next area, you will be happy because you will be able to explore a new place and do more quests to continue the storyline. Many people think that unlocking a new area in not very exciting because they have seen spoilers, but I think unlocking a new area is very exciting because the spoilers do not show everything and exploring a new area can help you find stars and secret areas.

Another example of the amazing areas is that the areas all have different environments to experience. An example of this is that Fort Pinta is like a town on the beach and Golden Hills Valley is like the countryside in fall. Another example of this is that some places are like the countryside, some are like the city, and some are like a farming world. Some names of the areas you can unlock are Golden Hills Valley, The Valley Of The Hidden Dinosaur, Mistfall, The Harvest Counties, South Hoof Peninsula and Epona.

My third example of areas is my opinion on them. I think that the areas sort of hold the game and story quests together, which is why I like them so much. My last evidence is a mini story. I remember when I had just finished Moorland Stables and most of the Fort Pinta quests when I saw a quest in Fort Pinta on my quest log. I raced there right away. It was the quest to unlock the brand new area, South Hoof! I was so happy and did the quests right away. This proves that unlocking the new areas is something that makes people very happy and exited.

Even though I love Star Stable because it lets you feel like you have a real horse and because there are super cool areas, I love it most because there are new things added into the game almost every week!!!

My first example is that if you are waiting for new quests for even the smallest storylines, you are usually very very very happy when you see that new quests are out. These new quests do usually take longer than getting out every week, so they more commonly take anywhere from a month to almost a year! I remember when I had finished the first part of the Mistfall questline so far. When I saw the weekly news that we would be able to continue questing with the Mistfall questline, I was sooooooo excited! This proves that many people love it when a new part of a questline.

My second piece of evidence is that a lot of people are waiting for new horses and/or asking Star Stable for new ones and when a new horse comes out, many people celebrate! YAY! Some examples of these horses that are brand new are the connemara, the Jorvik Wild Horses, and the Swiss Ponies. The Jorvik Wild Horses are usually in Jorvik only once or twice a year, so people are usually in anticipation, waiting.

My final piece of evidence is that there are new pets with every update. Some examples are the running pets like the silver mistfox, the golden mistfox, the winter squirrel and the Jorvagian favorite squirrel. My favorite pet is the silver mistfox because it seems to shine in the sun and sparkle, glitter, shine and glow in the night, looking like a firefly on the moon. I think that a lot of people do not like the silver mistfox because it is too bright but I think that the silver mistfox shines to look like the moon on a clear sky night.

Well, now I think that you have found out about mostly everything you need to know to like Star Stable. I think that knowing about the excitement of unlocking a new area, feeling like you have a horse and getting new stuff almost every week, is just about enough to get you persuaded to go try Star Stable out. Now………GO PLAY STAR STABLE!!!

Like and write your opinions in the comments!

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