Math Unit 3

This math unit I learned about factors, prime numbers, composite numbers, + and – sums and open number sentences. For extra work, I also did prime factorization and Penta Primes, a prime numbers puzzle.

I learned about prime numbers. Some prime numbers ARE 3,5 and 97. These are NOT prime numbers: 22, 40 and 14. Prime numbers have only two factors, one and itself. There are only two numbers that are not prime OR composite; one and zero. One only has one factor and zero, well, has no factors. Two is the only even prime number because it has two factors, one and two. All prime numbers are odd except 2.

I also learned about composite numbers. Composite numbers are all even except for two. Composite numbers are all even because even numbers can all be divided into more than half. Composite numbers are numbers like 10, 14 and 22. 10/5 is 2. 10/1 is 10. Composite numbers have more that two factors. The factors of 10 are 1,10,2 and 5.

We also worked on word problems. An example of one is:The man and his 23 dogs were walking along the street. Then, they met another man with 19 dogs came along. How many dogs were there now?

This is the end of my math post for today. Bye friends!

My Company for U.O.I.

This week I was making a company called Crazy Cases with Sami and Hamdan. We had some difficulties and problems but we managed to solve them in the end.

Some problems we had were disagreements. We disagreed on things like what we did and did not keep. We did a vote most of the time and we managed to solve things and agree. Another problem we had was we did not do a lot of home work. I think this was a problem because some things were not very detailed and not very interesting.

I think our adverts were creative because we used very creative images for our online Google Document and our slideshow. We also used lots of color and drawings for our paper posters.

Next time if I was going to do the same thing, I think I would work alone because it is easier if you do not have to worry about what other people are doing. I also would do some more home work because then things will be more detailed.

I hope that you like this post! Remember to leave your thoughts in the comments!


Adverts and Advertising

This week, I learned about advertising. Look up at a billboard. It’s an add. Most magazines have many ads in them. Same with newspapers. Ads are pretty much a companies way of making you want to buy their product. Ads are usually very interesting and colorful, another way of persuading you to remember and go buy the product. Some ads also advertise their products only when there is a sale. This is a tactful way to make you really want to go buy a product right away.

I like the ad below a lot because it has so many ways of describing the product, making you want the product right away. I also like this ad because it describes all of the features of the product and more! It is a very creative ad because of all of the exotic colors used in the ad.