People of Determination

Do you know what people of determination are? Well here in this post, you can find out!

In school, me and my class have been learning about people of determination. People of determination are people that have something wrong with their body for example they are deaf, blind or can’t walk or use one of their body parts properly.

This paragraph is about some people of determination like Beethoven.

Beethoven is a person of determination because he was deaf. He was not born deaf but he wanted to do many things that deaf people can not usually do. A composer requires hearing so you can hear the music you are making so Beethoven needed something to help him hear better than being almost completely deaf. He used something like this:


Beethoven became a very important and successful composer and pianist. Now, his music is played and is famous all over the world. Many people have used Beethoven as a subject in school music class and many other musicians have used some of his patterns of music in their music.

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned a lot about people of determination! Please remember to comment below!

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