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Opinion writing pieces

Opinion writing is writing an opinion on paper It is not always write its what you think and facts say the truth opinions are what you think. I did my favorite snake it was hard to plan but easy to … Continue reading

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unit 4 decimals

In unit 4 I learned about decimals It is easy to write but hard to say They are useful if you are counting money A decimal is a point to separate thousands and thousandths and other numbers I can measure … Continue reading

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Moral education

Stereotypes are when you judge people To not be sick Rights for humans So you don’t get hurt or kidnapped If they are poor give them money Take a deep breath and calm down So if we help them they  help … Continue reading

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math unit 5

It was easy to learn It was hard to learn double digit multiplication It was easy to learn how to do 2 digit numbers after I learned how to I still need to work on number stories

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Book Group Frindle

I wrote and it is about a boy who is good at making up things. I like it I recommend it to 4th and 5th grade To show always be creative  

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Energy summit

I checked out books from the library I wrote down notes about heat and kinetic energy I wrote reflections and practiced Took 7th graders advise a websites I wrote a visual about how does energy turn into heat I presented … Continue reading

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I learned that advertisements are things that interduce something. An advertisement is to interduce something and show off a thing from a shop or place and more. With the CAS we talked about what category each book goes into the groups were … Continue reading

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Omar’s animal research black mambas

I used 5 sources and they are national geographic animal corner snakes snake facts and LiveScience I showed the pre-k the pictures I explained and talked more to the second graders and 7th grade I showed them everything it was … Continue reading

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