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Intro to decimals

I see decimals in math 1.In money 2.In time 3.In numbers 4.In listing If they get your money and you tell them maybe 1.00 dollars.    

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Feedback -4th grade and CAS Omar Halawa 4AT

I liked that they were funny I learnt that girls can like boy and girl books and boys can read girl and boy book. It makes me think now anyone can read any book. It adverts a bout stereotyping.

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Advertising: reality vs advert

In adverts they make it look delicious. But when in reality it is not as satisfying as the advertisements. In adverts its looks nice but reality it is not as nice as the pictures they do this to make more … Continue reading

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Advertising :Stereotypes -> choosing books

Today we went to the high school library to observeĀ  the books and do fun activities now lets get into the fun. The librarian of the library is Ms.Rhonda. We organized the books by Boys, neutral, and girls We also … Continue reading

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Unit 2: Lesson 1-Healthy mind and body

Take a shower, play games, and have fun with your family and friends.   You live a happy life with your family. you don’t be sick. Not to have a short life.

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