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moral education lesson 5 Stereotyping and discrimination

Today we learned about discrimination and stereotyping is Something many people believe its true but its either not true or partially true. You should not always believe about stereotype. Discrimination is treating someone by there age and gender and nationality. … Continue reading

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Horned lizards

people called “horny toads,” horned lizards are bizarre, spiny, ant-eating lizards unlike any other lizards in North America. Fourteen species are currently recognized, 8 of which are found within the continental USA (one reaches southern Canada), and 6 other little-known … Continue reading

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Innovator and innovation

A person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products. The action or process of innovating.

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National day

national day is a day to celebrate your nationality and have fun and join with your families and do wonderful things such as play, and much more to do and you can relax and have a feast with friends and … Continue reading

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Float is a little boy who has a rain coat and cap and looks like he made a newspaper made boat and he put his boat in the water many many times. Next he it fell down the drain and … Continue reading

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Looking at maps:UAE

I know that maps show country and capitals and city’s and more and it helps you and it has north west east and south and thats what I know.

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Portfolio reflection inquiry

My favorite thing I did in inquiry is searching information about the world.

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Isla compared to abuela

The author made the story always mostly happy. The story is about a girls with her Isla. So people understand a bit spanish and the people in the story are spanish. the same is that they both have the same … Continue reading

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Prepositional phrases and nouns December 5 2017

So nouns are a person, place, thing, or animal. prepositional phrases are nouns but the word after the noun is the propositional.

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Math “Whats my rule?” December 5 2017

We learned today in math about whats my rule and we learned this because we could learn this to help us do things and still find out the number. Prime numbers we learned about prime numbers because it could help … Continue reading

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