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Book fiction

I read a book called the three little pigs its fiction because the pigs and animals talk. I read a book called despyro and its fiction because the animals talk too. I read a book called the yoon and its … Continue reading

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Math unit 2 Nov 29 2017.

We learnt that equilvelent numbers adding by ten making plot diagrams and more i need to work on equvilent numbers a bit more and there is more we learned charts to and more and some of the work.

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Non fiction

The difference between fiction and non fiction is that fiction is that non fiction is is real and fiction is not real. I like this non fiction book is called animals.

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Advertisement for Burj khalifa November 29 2017.

I wrote about Burj khalifa and some things I wrote about is information about it and facts like its the tallest building and inside the room and thats what i wrote.

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Fiction Nov 28 2017

Fiction is not real. There is a unicorn flying. Fiction is not real and non fiction talks about real things.    

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Volcanoes Nov 28 2017

A volcano is a mountain with a crack on top and around and lava is full inside. put metal in the cracks and on top.   one eruption killed 71,000 people.

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Mohamad khamis moral education lesson 3 nov 28 2017

long distance winner and thats a achievement. It was a challenge for him to win a medal.

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Lesson 3 moral education Nov 28 2017 brewer

Jamie brewer has down syndrome. Jamie Brewer: American Horror Story actress becomes first woman with Down’s Syndrome at New York Fashion Week.

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Moral education lesson 3 Nov 28 2017 beethoven

achievement known for being sympathetic. So severe was the problem that as early as 1802 he actually considered suicide.

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moral education lesson 3 taha huessein

An male man who is an Egyptian writer that was his challenge. he achieved united nations prize in the field of human rights.

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