Feedback -4th grade and CAS Omar Halawa 4AT

I liked that they were funny

I learnt that girls can like boy and girl books and boys can read girl and boy book.

It makes me think now anyone can read any book.

It adverts a bout stereotyping.

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Advertising: reality vs advert

In adverts they make it look delicious. But when in reality it is not as satisfying as the advertisements.

In adverts its looks nice but reality it is not as nice as the pictures they do this to make more money.

Adverts show items that are not real sometimes.

A good advert has a logo.


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Advertising :Stereotypes -> choosing books

Today we went to the high school library to observe  the books and do fun activities now lets get into the fun.

The librarian of the library is Ms.Rhonda.

We organized the books by Boys, neutral, and girls

We also organized by how old Someone should be able do read this book.

We organized books and observed them.

In my opinion we did this to to know in different ways to check if the book is for you or me.

I liked that we organized the books in a lot of ways.

I didn’t like that it was loud.

I wonder why all librarian’s organize in different ways

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Unit 2: Lesson 1-Healthy mind and body

Take a shower, play games, and have fun with your family and friends.


Image result for healthy lifestyle

You live a happy life with your family.

you don’t be sick.

Not to have a short life.

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moral education lesson 5 Stereotyping and discrimination

Today we learned about discrimination and stereotyping is Something many people believe its true but its either not true or partially true.

You should not always believe about stereotype.

Discrimination is treating someone by there age and gender and nationality.

This is what we learned today moral education lesson 5.

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Horned lizards

people called “horny toads,” horned lizards are bizarre, spiny, ant-eating lizards unlike any other lizards in North America. Fourteen species are currently recognized, 8 of which are found within the continental USA (one reaches southern Canada), and 6 other little-known species are restricted to Mexico (one reaches Guatemala). Most horned lizard species are well represented in the fossil record by the Pleistocene (1 million years ago] They dig into loose soil to hide from predators or

Horned lizards shoot blood out of their eyes if needed to.

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Innovator and innovation

A person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products.

The action or process of innovating.

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National day

national day is a day to celebrate your nationality and have fun and join with your families and do wonderful things such as play, and much more to do and you can relax and have a feast with friends and families.

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Float is a little boy who has a rain coat and cap and looks like he made a newspaper made boat and he put his boat in the water many many times. Next he it fell down the drain and he found out where the water comes out and he took it and it was soggy and ripped he took it back and went back home and happy to see his dad and then hugged his dad and his dad made hot chocolate. Next the boy made a plane.

I liked the the book because the book has no words is calm and peaceful.

I would change that he put the boat a bit to many times.

Plot outside rain and inside house.

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Looking at maps:UAE

I know that maps show country and capitals and city’s and more and it helps you and it has north west east and south and thats what I know.

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