Living museum

In the living museum, I wrote notes 30 to a 50-second explanation answered all their questions talked loud enough for them to hear me and I researched a lot.

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Unit 6 division math

in unit 6 I learnt about long division and I show you my work 

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here rights are to fight for rights her violations are she-she took rights of girls to have education and spoke for them.Her responsibilities are to do homework fight for rights takes care of herself she fights for what she deserves to stay safe.In my opinion, she is a good person and fights for rights in a good cause its good to let all people have education for girls and boys so, in my opinion, its good she fought for rights for girls boys and education.I learned that malala fought for rights and is a good person who helped the world but the violations attacked malala for breaking the rules and she got injured and people prayed for her after she was injured and that’s the end of my blog post.



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I noticed new things and learned new things person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

in refugees or poor places.

poor people.


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about the planet

I notice they work a lot

I wonder how their lives are

I would feel exhausted


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Measuring naming and drawing angles with protactors

right angles are 90 degrees obtuse angles are over 90 degrees and acute angles are less than 90 degrees to name them you put the letters but put the vertex in the middle like this BAC a is the vertex or CAB you put the vertex in the middle of the protractor and take the other hand and put the same angle as you drew it to tell the angle what degrees it is if the angle is big and another one is big than the bigger one is the one that’s the bigger degrees.

I used khan academy

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Opinion writing pieces

Opinion writing is writing an opinion on paper

It is not always write its what you think and facts say the truth opinions are what you think.

I did my favorite snake it was hard to plan but easy to write

You add a twist to make them like it is different because you add a twist to the writing

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unit 4 decimals

In unit 4 I learned about decimals

It is easy to write but hard to say

They are useful if you are counting money

A decimal is a point to separate thousands and thousandths and other numbers

I can measure to the nearest mm and cm

I can add and subtract decimals.


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Moral education

Stereotypes are when you judge people

To not be sick

Rights for humans

So you don’t get hurt or kidnapped

If they are poor give them money

Take a deep breath and calm down

So if we help them they  help us and it will help us in our daily lives

We don’t answer them  and go to our safe side adult

walk away and don’t answer them.

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math unit 5

It was easy to learn

It was hard to learn double digit multiplication

It was easy to learn how to do 2 digit numbers after I learned how to

I still need to work on number stories

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