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Living museum

In the living museum I was a 6 year old boy named Nicolas Brown living in Chicago in the year 1932 (great depression) Nicolas’s dad died and his mom is unemployed they own a farm they eat bread rice and … Continue reading

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Moral ED reflection

Its important to keep everything clean because you will be sick. Human rights are rights that everyone has. Its important to look out for yourself and for others because something might happen (bad things).

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We made advertisements, I made an advertisement on a game called “Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild”. I learned that advertisements advertise things, or places ETC

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Animal Research Reflection

         Animal Research Reflection Omar Al Shouli ______________________________________________________________   I did research on Penguins, I made a book for the pre-Ks about penguins, I made a diagram of a penguin for the 2nd graders, and I made a paper with facts … Continue reading

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Buffalo Wings

  This is my draft for my story called Buffalo Wings I really like this because ie took me a long time and because it’s funny.  

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