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intro to decimals

I see decimals in money   2. four examples of decimals are…….. money time math stores 3. I need to learn my decimals because I don’t get robbed  

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Genius hour – what is the strongest dog breed

The strongest dog breed is the mastiff dog breed  

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Genius hour – why do we fart?

When we eat, we also swallow air. Also, when the food gets digested in the intestines, gas is produced. These gases when passed out through the intestine form the butt into the air   are called farts.

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Feedback-4th grade and CAS Stereotyping-Audience-Perceptions

I liked that we were with HS (High school)  I didn’t learn anything  it made me think about a game that I play this has to do with advertisements because we made the ads better

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Advertising : Reality vs. Advert

The difference between Real life and Adverts are that, sometimes they don’t show the real thing on Adverts, real life has a high chance of being worse than on Adverts, and sometimes things in real life don’t work but on the … Continue reading

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advertising: stereotypes –> choosing books

how we chose books gender or gender neutral age what we did we went to the secondary library and arranged books by first glance then arranged by studying after that we arranged books by age. my opinion I don’t know … Continue reading

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Unit 2 : Lesson 1-Healthy mind & body

 How to stay healthy I stay healthy by showering, playing sports, and by eating healthy its important to learn how to stay healthy so you don’t look like this  and look like this and because when you grow up its … Continue reading

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