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Moral Education lesson 5 : Stereotyping

Stereotype : something many people believe is true but is either not true or only partially true. I think they are teaching us stereotyping is so we don’t stereotype.

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Float by: Daniel Miyares

We read Float, Float is about a boy who made a boat. The boy puts his boat boat on a puddle the boat starts speeding through the stream of water. Eventually the boat falls into the sewer, but the boy … Continue reading

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what I know about maps is that it leads you to places.

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we read a story called Isla Author: Dorros the story has 2 languages English\Spanish i think the author put 2 languages so more than 1 country people understand

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Prepositional Phrases and Nouns

A noun is a person, place, or thing Example for a prepositional phrase: they bought games for the road trip. red=noun green=preposition blue= prepositional phrase.

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Visit Dubai

Burj Khalifa Come to Dubai to visit Burj Khalifa.   Here are some reasons you should go to Burj Khalifa   1. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the entire world!!! ( it’s 3 times as tall as the … Continue reading

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What I learned in Math

we learned prime numbers we learned factors we learned multiplication we learned division

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Buffalo Wings

  This is my draft for my story called Buffalo Wings I really like this because ie took me a long time and because it’s funny.  

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Moral Education lesson 4 : Tolerance

my speech of tolerance: It is important to learn tolerance because without it our world would be a mess people would be killing other people on the street because they don’t have the same skin color. And people wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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