Sharjah science center (field trip)

I learned that solar panels can power cars

I didn’t like that we had to wait a long time

I like that we used solar panels

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Ancient egypt

I learned that king Tut ruled Egypt when he was 9. And I learned that the pyramid of Giza was made with 2 million blocks.

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Making games

We made games, I worked with Ali, and Saif. We made a game called tower terror, in tower terror you need min 4 players, and max 8 players. In tower terror you have 2 towers (made of boxes) 2 people stay behind the boxes, and 2 people get a ball to destroy your opponents tower. After you destroy your opponents tower there is going to be a pin you have try to knock out the pin, but the person who stands behind the tower gets to defend the pin (we played outside) . Our game was amazing but I think it would be better if we had air conditioning.

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Roller coaster & Energy

most of stuff didn’t work

the experiment shows wind energy, because when the marbles go down the foam tube they cut wind.

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Human Heart

I learnt that your blood turns purple when it’s dry because all the oxygen goes out.

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intro to decimals

  1. I see decimals in money


2. four examples of decimals are……..

  • money
  • time
  • math
  • stores

    3. I need to learn my decimals because I don’t get robbed


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Genius hour – what is the strongest dog breed

The strongest dog breed is the mastiff dog breed

Strongest dog breed

Mastiff Dog


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Genius hour – why do we fart?

When we eat, we also swallow air. Also, when the food gets digested in the intestines, gas is produced. These gases when passed out through the intestine form the butt into the air   are called farts.

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Feedback-4th grade and CAS Stereotyping-Audience-Perceptions

I liked that we were with HS (High school) 

I didn’t learn anything 

it made me think about a game that I play

this has to do with advertisements because we made the ads better

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Advertising : Reality vs. Advert

The difference between Real life and Adverts are that, sometimes they don’t show the real thing on Adverts, real life has a high chance of being worse than on Adverts, and sometimes things in real life don’t work but on the adverts the thing works.

A good advert shows what actually happens like the Nintendo Switch add. 

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