Dear parents,

Kindly be reminded that the due date to return the Islamic folder with the copy book and the project is Tomorrow…Thursday 23rd of November.


Neveen Yassin

Lessons done and lessons planned!

Dear Parents,

I would like to share with you the lessons done in classes and our planned lessons for the coming period.

Lessons done and will be in the assessment on 23rd of November.

Grade 1: Searching Allah- Allah is the creator – Kindness – Surat Al Ikhlas.

Grade 2: Prophet Adam – Wudoo’ – Surat Al kawthar

Grade 3: What is Iman – I am a believer – Ibraheem search Allah – Surat Quraish

Grade 4: Prophets and messenger – The five pillars of Islam – Surat Al Fatihah

Grade 5: Prophets of Islam – the five pillars of Islam – Surat Al Fatihah


Next planned lessons:

Grade 1: His name Muhammad – The 5 pillars of Islam- I obey my parents –  Surat Al Nas.

Grade 2: I pray the right way – the Orphan – I love my Family – Surat al feel

Grade 3: Cleanliness and purity – the new messenger – Making Wudoo’ – Surat al Asr

Grade 4: Sleeping Well – Prophet Ibraheem – Surat Al Sharh

Grade 5: Bilal makes Athan – Brotherhood in Islam – Surat Al Sharh



Neveen Yassin

files,copy books and project sent home today.

Dear Parents,

Kindly make sure that you are receiving from your beloved ones the Islamic file today.

In the file the copy book and the project.

Students are free to complete any missing class work and decorate their copy books.

Students should start to do their project and submit it on time.

Due date to submit the file, copy book and the project completed will be 23rd of November.

Due dates changes

Dear parents,

Please only focus on my last post for the due dates.

I have changed the 16th of November to 23rd of November due to the all of the parents-teacher conference.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Neveen Yassin

Important due dates for Grade 1,2,3,4&5

Dear Parents,

I would like to inform you that on Thursday 23rd of November I will be doing a small Assessment to check the students understanding.

It is only to check their knowledge and understanding. Nothing to be worry about.

Every Islamic class we are working hard to fix all the informations and all students are really enjoying their learning and show a very good understanding of all the topics discussed in class.

All the materials done in class are in the copy book.

Thursday 9th of November Every student will have his file, In the file there will be his copy book with all the work done in class for review, Hafiz booklet will be in the copy book for your information and don’t forget that it is not mandatory Also in the file there will be the Quarter Project with the explanation.

Due date to return the File and the project is Thursday 23rd of November: The file with the copy book and the Quarter project should be returned on the 16th of November.

The project: depending on the Topic for each grade, every student will have all the freedom to express his understanding and his knowledge the way he likes. Some will express it with pictures only along with oral explanation i the class presentation, some will include pictures and short sentences and others will include Hadeeth or small ayah.

Every student will be creative in his project and will have the chance to present it in class to his classmates in 2 minutes. This will show his understanding and will build their self -confidence and let them enjoy learning from each other.

Kindly, be sure we all meet the due dates for this plan for the good and for the sake of our beloved ones.

My Regards and respect.

Neveen Yassin


Lesson’s in classes!

Dear parents,

I would like to let you know about what is going on these days in my Islamic classes.

Grade 1:  Surat “Al Iklas ”

Searching Allah

Allah is the creator


Grade 2 : Surat “Al Kawthar”

Prophet Adam


Grade 3 :  Surat “Quraish”

What is Iman

I am a believer

Grade 4:  Surat “Al Sharh”

Prophets and messengers

Grade  5 :   Surat ” Al Fatihah”

Prophets of Islam.


Neveen Yassin