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Lessons on process!

Dear parents,

I will be sending the note books and the text books on Wednesday 3rd October.

Kindly return it on Sunday 7th October.

I would like to share with you my plans and the lessons on process for the month of September.

Grade 1: *Allah, my Lord.

*Surat Al Fatihah – Due date for recitation:14th November.

*Truthfulness is the way to paradise.

HW. Memorize Surat Al Fatihah.

Grade 2: *Allah,The most Kind.

* Surat Al Asr- Due date for recitation:14th November.

*Belief in the Messenger, peace be upon them.

HW.Memorize surat Al Asr.

Grade 3: *Honoring the parents

*The Etiquette of recitation

*Surat Al Alaq-  (ayah 1- 5)  Due date for recitation:14th  November.

HW.Memorize Surat Al Alaq. (ayah 1-5)

Grade 4: *Etiquette of entering or leaving a house.

*Surat Al Burouj – Due date for recitation:14th November.

*The strong Believer.

HW:Memorize surat Al Burouj (ayah 1-5)

Grade 5: * Surat Al Infitar (ayah 1-5) Due date for recitation:14th  November.

*The most beloved of deeds to Allah

*Loving Allah, Glory be to him.

HW:  Memorize surat Al Infitar .   (ayah 1-5) .


A vey short assessment for these lessons to measure the student’s understanding for all the grade on the first week of November. (date will be confirmed and announced in shaa Allah)

Should you need any assistance,Kindly let me know.

Hafiz Challenge!

Memorizing Quran is for the sake of Allah 

To encourage our students to memorize Quran and compete with each other for the sake of Allah.

Hafiz is an optional competition and a guide for every students to memorize the last holy part of Quran in an enthusiastic atmosphere.

Hafiz booklet will be given in their note book today ( Please keep it in the note book) every three surats is a level. when the students finish one level, they will receive a certificate with the same color of the page.

NO stressssssssss and no deadlines!!!!!!

When the students finish a surah. He will recite it and will be checked. After finishing one level. Student will receive the certificate matching with the level he reached.

Recitation will be on a specific lesson weekly. (If the student is ready and want to recite)

Bonus grades will be given for the students to encourage them as well as the certificate.

Best Regards,

Neveen yassin


Islamic class strategies!!!

Dear parents,

I would like to share with you my strategy in the Islamic classes and how it is very important to me to let my students enjoying and learning morals of our religion with no stress at all.

It is very important to let our kids feel and understand our religion’s morals more than doing homework and study with stress.

I will be posting each week the name of the lesson done in class, so you can review and discuss with your child his information’s.

Class work is the important part of my work with them, so I can measure their understanding , attainment and  progress. My target is not to send any homework at home unless if needed.

The Homework sent to home can be a small project need search or printed pictures. This will be occasionally and clearly announced in my post with the due date. Of course I will need your help to meet the deadline to teach our kids how to be responsible and punctual.

Some parents like to do some extra exercises at home for more practice. You still can, by reviewing the lesson done in the text book with no stress.

Text book and Copy book  will be always with me to keep record of all the work done in class and will be sent home every 2-3 weeks to allow you to see your son’s progress and effort and also to avoid forgetting it at school or home and loose their hard work. Also, at home you can continue any missing work in the copy book and it SHOULD be returned  to school the next Islamic class or in the due date mentioned in my message on blog.

Quran Recitation: There will be Three semesters in the year with three Mandatory small Surats. These small surats will be graded and included the report grading system.

I always encourage my student to memorize the Quran for the sake of Allah and I will also start the “ HAFIZ” optional challenge which will not be in the grading system but just to encourage our beloved ones to memorize Quran for the sake of Allah.”Will be explained later in shaa Allah”

I wish this year will be a successful year  in she Allah : )



Neveen Yassin

Welcome back !!!!!

Dear parent,

Hope you had a fabulous summer holiday and are ready for a great year!

My name is Neveen Yassin. Your Child’s Islamic teacher for this academic year 2018-2019.

This blog is where you will receive weekly updates about what we are learning in class, learn what’s coming up, and find new picture of your child.

I am so excited to meet with your child and start a great year. Please don’t hesitate to communicate with me anytime for any concern.

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Neveen Yassin

Files on their ways home!!

Dear parents,

I wish you a very Happy Ramadan full of blessings and joy.

The files with the note books and text books part 1 will be sent today and tomorrow for your reference.

No need to return it back to school.


Neveen Yassin

Important dates!

Dear Parents,

I would like to keep you posted and update you with the lessons going on in Islamic classes.

These lessons will be in the final assessment for this year in Shaa Allah on 24th of May

Grade 1: Abu Hurairah- Bedtime supplication

Grade 2: I pray 2 – Purify and nulfiers.

Grade 3:Honoring parent – Khadijah bint Khwayled.

Grade 4: Etiquette of entering house- the strong believer.

Grade 5: Etiquette of using transportation – Salat al Jama’ah

Lessons are on process and all the activities will be done in the text book and copy book.

The files with the text book and the note book will be send home on 17th of May in Shaa Allah  for your reference. and to be returned on 24th of May in she Allah.

Wishing you a very happy Ramadan!


Neveen Yassin

Quran Memorization for 27 th of May

Dear Parents,

I would like to inform you about the new surats  and I need your help to let our beloved ones memorize it.

I have selected these surats to help our kids in their prayers.

We will keep reading and reciting it during our Islamic time but of course I will need your help at home as you know our limited time in school.

Students need to finish the memorization on 27th of May in she Allah.

Grade 1 : Al Falaq

Grade 2: Al Fatihah

Grade 3: Al Fatihah

Grade 4: Al fatihah and Al Qadr

Grade 5 : Al Fatihah and Al Qadr


Neveen Yassin



lessons on process!

Dear Parents,

I would like to keep you posted and updated with the lessons going on in islamic classes.

Grade 1: Abu Hurairah- Bedtime suplication

Grade 2: I pray 2 – Purify and nulfiers.

Grade 3:Honoring parent – Khadijah bint Khwayled.

Grade 4: Etiquette of entering house

Grade 5: Etiquette of using transportation – Salat al Jama’ah

Lessons are on process and to be continued after the holiday in Shaa Allah.

Wishing you a happy and relaxing holiday.


Neveen Yassin

Folders on their way to home!

Dera parents,

This is to inform you that all the folders with the copy books are sent home with students today.

Students are allowed to complete any missing work and review the work done.

Due date to return the copy book back to be graded is 22nd February.

New text books are in class rooms. Students are free to take it any time home or leave it in class.

Thank you for your cooperation to teach our beloved how to be principle and meet the dead lines.


Neveen Yassin

Important updates Gr1,2,3,4&5

Dear Parents,

I would like to inform you about our activities now in the Islamic classes and our coming lessons.

Lessons in progress:

Grade 1: The prophet biography

Surat Al Nas

Grade 2: The Orphan

Surat Al Asr

Grade 3:   Fasting

Surat Al Alaq (ayah 1-5)

Grade 4: The importance of obligatory prayer

Surat Al Borouj (ayah 1-5)

Grade 5: Believe in the day of judgment

Surat Al Infitar.(ayah 1-5)

These lessons are going on in classes this week and the coming week.

*Copy books will be checked and given in the files with the new text books on  Thursday 8th February 

*Due date to return The file with the text books and note book is on Thursday 22nd February

*Short Assessment will be on Thursday 22nd February

All materials will be in the copy book and the new text book

Lessons including in the assessment :

Grade 1:My Muslim brothers and sisters

The prophet biography

Grade 2: Honesty

The Orphan

Grade 3: Tolerance


Grade 4 :Good treatment

The importance of obligatory prayer

Grade 5: Doing good to people

Belief in the day of judgement.

Recitation of surah will be : Any day in the week of 15th- 22nd of February

Thank you for your cooperation and hope we all meet the due dates to teach our beloved ones the punctuality and respect.


Neveen Yassin