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Welcome Back !

Dear parent,

Hope you had a fabulous summer holiday and are ready for a great year!

My name is Neveen Yassin. Your Child’s Islamic teacher for this academic year 2017-2018.

This blog is where you will receive weekly updates about what we are learning in class, learn what’s coming up, and find new picture of your child.

I am so excited to meet your child and start a great year. Please don’t hesitate to communicate with me anytime for any concern.


Neveen Yassin

End of year Party :)

It is time to get together for fun after long time of hard work.

Applying the theme of the year “Muslim Global Citizen” Learning about the other cultures and traditions.

I recommend to exchange countries tastes with a small quantity of traditional food to share and learn different taste.

Wednesday May 24 for Grade 4&5

Thursday May 25 for Grade 1,2 &3

Share with a simple plate not expensive not a big quantity.

We will have fun Inshaa Allah.

Kind Reminder!

Dear Parents,

Kindly be reminded that the due date for Quran Recitation was last week.

I gave a second chance this week but still some of our beloved ones are not ready !

Please help me to finish this assessment in this week.

Grade 1: Surat al Nas

Grade 2: Al Asr

Grade 3 : الزلزلة

Grade 4 :Al Masad

Grade 5: Al Takathur


Neveen Yassin