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lessons on process!

Dear Parents,

I would like to keep you posted and updated with the lessons going on in islamic classes.

Grade 1: Abu Hurairah- Bedtime suplication

Grade 2: I pray 2 – Purify and nulfiers.

Grade 3:Honoring parent – Khadijah bint Khwayled.

Grade 4: Etiquette of entering house

Grade 5: Etiquette of using transportation – Salat al Jama’ah

Lessons are on process and to be continued after the holiday in Shaa Allah.

Wishing you a happy and relaxing holiday.


Neveen Yassin

Folders on their way to home!

Dera parents,

This is to inform you that all the folders with the copy books are sent home with students today.

Students are allowed to complete any missing work and review the work done.

Due date to return the copy book back to be graded is 22nd February.

New text books are in class rooms. Students are free to take it any time home or leave it in class.

Thank you for your cooperation to teach our beloved how to be principle and meet the dead lines.


Neveen Yassin

Important updates Gr1,2,3,4&5

Dear Parents,

I would like to inform you about our activities now in the Islamic classes and our coming lessons.

Lessons in progress:

Grade 1: The prophet biography

Surat Al Nas

Grade 2: The Orphan

Surat Al Asr

Grade 3:   Fasting

Surat Al Alaq (ayah 1-5)

Grade 4: The importance of obligatory prayer

Surat Al Borouj (ayah 1-5)

Grade 5: Believe in the day of judgment

Surat Al Infitar.(ayah 1-5)

These lessons are going on in classes this week and the coming week.

*Copy books will be checked and given in the files with the new text books on  Thursday 8th February 

*Due date to return The file with the text books and note book is on Thursday 22nd February

*Short Assessment will be on Thursday 22nd February

All materials will be in the copy book and the new text book

Lessons including in the assessment :

Grade 1:My Muslim brothers and sisters

The prophet biography

Grade 2: Honesty

The Orphan

Grade 3: Tolerance


Grade 4 :Good treatment

The importance of obligatory prayer

Grade 5: Doing good to people

Belief in the day of judgement.

Recitation of surah will be : Any day in the week of 15th- 22nd of February

Thank you for your cooperation and hope we all meet the due dates to teach our beloved ones the punctuality and respect.


Neveen Yassin



Dear parents,

Kindly be reminded that the due date to return the Islamic folder with the copy book and the project is Tomorrow…Thursday 23rd of November.


Neveen Yassin

Lessons done and lessons planned!

Dear Parents,

I would like to share with you the lessons done in classes and our planned lessons for the coming period.

Lessons done and will be in the assessment on 23rd of November.

Grade 1: Searching Allah- Allah is the creator – Kindness – Surat Al Ikhlas.

Grade 2: Prophet Adam – Wudoo’ – Surat Al kawthar

Grade 3: What is Iman – I am a believer – Ibraheem search Allah – Surat Quraish

Grade 4: Prophets and messenger – The five pillars of Islam – Surat Al Fatihah

Grade 5: Prophets of Islam – the five pillars of Islam – Surat Al Fatihah


Next planned lessons:

Grade 1: His name Muhammad – The 5 pillars of Islam- I obey my parents –  Surat Al Nas.

Grade 2: I pray the right way – the Orphan – I love my Family – Surat al feel

Grade 3: Cleanliness and purity – the new messenger – Making Wudoo’ – Surat al Asr

Grade 4: Sleeping Well – Prophet Ibraheem – Surat Al Sharh

Grade 5: Bilal makes Athan – Brotherhood in Islam – Surat Al Sharh



Neveen Yassin