lessons on process!

Dear parents,

I would like to share with you my plans and the lessons on process for the month of October.

Grade 1:

*Allah, my Lord.

*Surat Al Fatihah – Due date for recitation:14th November.

*Truthfulness is the way to paradise.

*Pillars of Islam

*Surat Al Feel

*The birth of Prophet Muhammad,Peace be upon him.

HW. Memorize Surat Al Fatihah.

Grade 2:

*Allah,The most Kind.

* Surat Al Asr- Due date for recitation:1st November.

*Belief in the Messenger, peace be upon them.

*Surat Al -Kafirun

*I love good things for my brother.

HW.Memorize surat Al Asr.

Grade 3:

*Honoring the parents

*The Etiquette of recitation

*The revelation of the Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him.

*Surat Al Alaq-  (ayah 1- 5)  Due date for recitation:  1st  November.

*Khadijah Bint Khuwailid – May Allah be pleased with her.

*Good Morals

HW.Memorize Surat Al Alaq. (ayah 1-5)

Grade 4:

*Etiquette of entering or leaving a house.

*Surat Al Burouj – Due date for recitation: 1st November.

*The strong Believer.

*The Early Call to Islam.

*The mother of the Faithful: Zaynab Bint Khuzayma

HW:Memorize surat Al Burouj (ayah 1-5) youtube.com/watch

Grade 5:

* Surat Al Infitar (ayah 1-5) Due date for recitation:1st  November.

*The most beloved of deeds to Allah

*Loving Allah, Glory be to him.

*Calling (Da’wah)the people of Tai’f to Islam.

HW:  Memorize surat Al Infitar .   (ayah 1-5) .   youtube.com/watch

A vey short assessment for these lessons to measure the student’s understanding for all the grade on the second week of November.

(Assessment due Date will be confirmed and announced in shaa Allah)

(Assigned Lessons for Assessment will be decided and sent  two weeks before the assessment  due date in Shaa Allah)

(I am preparing the Note books with all the class work done and will be sent in shaa Allah two weeks before the Assessment  due date date in Shaa Allah)

Should you need any assistance,Kindly let me know.


Neveen Yassin