Important dates!

Dear Parents,

I would like to keep you posted and update you with the lessons going on in Islamic classes.

These lessons will be in the final assessment for this year in Shaa Allah on 24th of May

Grade 1: Abu Hurairah- Bedtime supplication

Grade 2: I pray 2 – Purify and nulfiers.

Grade 3:Honoring parent – Khadijah bint Khwayled.

Grade 4: Etiquette of entering house- the strong believer.

Grade 5: Etiquette of using transportation – Salat al Jama’ah

Lessons are on process and all the activities will be done in the text book and copy book.

The files with the text book and the note book will be send home on 17th of May in Shaa Allah  for your reference. and to be returned on 24th of May in she Allah.

Wishing you a very happy Ramadan!


Neveen Yassin