Lessons done and lessons planned!

Dear Parents,

I would like to share with you the lessons done in classes and our planned lessons for the coming period.

Lessons done and will be in the assessment on 23rd of November.

Grade 1: Searching Allah- Allah is the creator – Kindness – Surat Al Ikhlas.

Grade 2: Prophet Adam – Wudoo’ – Surat Al kawthar

Grade 3: What is Iman – I am a believer – Ibraheem search Allah – Surat Quraish

Grade 4: Prophets and messenger – The five pillars of Islam – Surat Al Fatihah

Grade 5: Prophets of Islam – the five pillars of Islam – Surat Al Fatihah


Next planned lessons:

Grade 1: His name Muhammad – The 5 pillars of Islam- I obey my parents – ┬áSurat Al Nas.

Grade 2: I pray the right way – the Orphan – I love my Family – Surat al feel

Grade 3: Cleanliness and purity – the new messenger – Making Wudoo’ – Surat al Asr

Grade 4: Sleeping Well – Prophet Ibraheem – Surat Al Sharh

Grade 5: Bilal makes Athan – Brotherhood in Islam – Surat Al Sharh



Neveen Yassin