Hafiz challenge!

Memorizing Quran is for the sake of Allah “

Hafiz is :

To encourage our students to memorize Quran and compete with each other for the sake of Allah.

Hafiz is an optional competition and a guide for every students to memorize the last holy part of Quran in an enthusiastic atmosphere.

Hafiz booklet will be given in their note book( Please keep it in the note book). Every three surats is one level. when the students finish one level, they will receive a certificate with the same color of the page.

NO stressssssssss and no deadlines!!!!!!

When the students finish a surah. He will recite it and will be checked.

Parents can send me an email to inform me when your child is ready to recite. Students can also tell me when they are ready to recite any time.

After finishing one level. Student will receive the certificate matching with the level he/she  reached.

Recitation will be on a specific lesson weekly. (If the student is ready and want to recite)

Bonus grades will be given for the students to encourage them as well as the certificate.

Best Regards,

Neveen Yassin