Islamic class strategy !

Dear parents,

I would like to to share with you my strategy in the Islamic classes and how it is very important to me to let my students enjoying and learning morals of our religion with no stress at all.

It is very important to let our kids feel and understand our religion’s morals more than doing homework and study with stress.

I will be posting each week the name of the lesson done in class, so you can review and discuss with your child his informations.

Class work is the important part of my work with them, so I can measure their understanding. My target is not to send any homework at home unless if needed.

The Homework sent to home can be a small project need search or printed pictures. This will be occasionally and clearly announced in my post with the due date. Of course I will need your help to meet the deadline to teach our kids how to be responsible and punctual.

Some parents like to do some extra exercises at home for more practice. You still can, by reviewing the lesson done in the text book with no stress.

Text book can be always at home for revision and to let their bags lighter and it will  be returned back to school at the end of the year.

Copy book  will be always with me to keep record of all the work done in class and will be sent home every 2-3 weeks to allow you to see your son’s progress and effort and also to avoid forgetting it at school or home and loose their hard work 🙁  Also, at home you can continue any missing work in the copy book and it SHOULD be returned  to school the next Islamic class.

Quran Recitation: There will be Three semesters in the year with three Mandatory small Surats. These small surats will be graded and included the report grading system.

I always encourage my student to memorize the Quran for the sake of Allah and I will also start the “ HAFIZ” optional challenge which will not be in the grading system but just to encourage our beloved ones to memorize Quran for the sake of Allah.”Will be explained later in shaa Allah”

I wish this year will be a successful year  in she Allah : )


Neveen Yassin