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Dear Readers, This Unit in UOI we have been learning about energy. This also connects to our reading project! I would like to share this with you because  I would like to tell you readers what I have learned this month! … Continue reading

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What I learned in Advertising this Unit

Dear readers, This month in our Unit we as a class learned about adverts & also we made posters to advertise something you   wanted to do,& what is an Advert, what makes a poor advert,& most of why are adverts important, and … Continue reading

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Reflecting on my Personal Inquiry Project

Dear readers, Today I would like to be talking about what I did in my UOI Project and how it worked out, What I decided to do, Who  did I work with & why, and how did we plan out … Continue reading

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This week we as a class have been learning about advertising and what makes a poor advert and what make a good advert! I have learned that people make adverts to bring people to come to there company or trying … Continue reading

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Will a Mountain last forever?

For our uint we have been learning about Natural processes  and Human innovation.And how does it happen! I have learned many stuff  but first in the beginning theses where the questions: Will a Mountain last forever? How does land form a … Continue reading

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UOI project for innovations

Click here to see my UOI-PROJECT

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How I respect others?

I respect others by using manners!! I respect others by holding the door open. I respect others by buying them food when they do not have Any  food left. I respect others by listening to what they have to say!! … Continue reading

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