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I Love my Mum

When I am sad I think of my Mum. I think of my Mum because she always does something to surprise me. I also love my Mum  because she says  I am beautiful & my work too, When I think … Continue reading

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What I learned in Advertising this Unit

Dear readers, This month in our Unit we as a class learned about adverts & also we made posters to advertise something you   wanted to do,& what is an Advert, what makes a poor advert,& most of why are adverts important, and … Continue reading

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All About Camping

We’ll, Have you ever went Camping? We’ll if you haven’t you should go at least one time in you life!!! I bet you’ll have fun, How do i know case i went Camping once and it was a  BLAST, and  … Continue reading

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All about my weekend!!

ALL ABOUT MY WEEKEND By:Naveen Siddiqui On Thursday, the 16th of November my older brother Aayan had his friends over for half the day.My brother said to me a day before his friends came over ,”Stay in your room or … Continue reading

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