Project Reflection

June 18, 2018,

Today I am starting my project and I am very exited. Today I did not do any ting except of planing out what to do and now I finally know what to do and that is making a board for the third graders and I am exited because I always wanted to make a board game and publish it some where so people could have a chance to play it and this is my chance to make one and I am super happppppyyyyyy writing this post!   

June 19th, 2018

Today there where no problems with my Mak. I got it fixed and today, I got to very thing I wished for. My board game went well and I am all most finished and I thought it would take a long time but it did not and that was really surprising to me! I got lots of work done today and I am very happy because now I have more time for then writing. That is god for me because I do take a long time in writing but I do have a way to fit it in! Now from today, I am thinking that my project will take one more day to finish because I just need to make cards and color and that is it. I can do that in a hour and 30 minutes! thats more then enough to finish my work!


Moving on to writing…………………………………………….

I am also sure that I will finish writing fast because I know what I am going to do I have my plan written down and I got my reasons! So I am thinking that I will finish writing to and I will have 2 days left. So if I do finish before  I can Edit alone and then I can give it out to the 3d graders to play and feel how it is ti be in grade 4!



June 20th, 2o18

 Today I did not finish Because I tried out playing the game with my friends and also I needed to make the cards for the game and that took a long time because I needed to make  It for very single class in grade three and in the middle I was like ” Oh, I am so DUBM, I could have just printed more instead of waisting my time!” But I got through and it will just take me another day. When I am done I will give it too the third graders so they can play the game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


June 25, 2018,

Today I did not finish because yesterday, 24th, we had a field trip for a class party and that to allot  of time so we only had 30min in class so I did not finish. Know my plan is to finish to what I am doing at home so I can peasant on Wednesday and show the class how to play  it or I will show them on Tuesday and go to the third graders on the next day. My aim is to finish it at home and then try it out with someone and then I will give it in. I need to try it out with someone  because  I need to know what goes well and what does not go well so then I can fix it and there will be know problem for the third graders. Is at home, I need to finish writing the cards, making the poster, & also trying out the game with a frying or a family member and then I am ready. When I will have time in school I will just edit it and then I am ready for explaining it to the class and giving it to grade three!  


June 26th, 2018

Today I finished and I presented to the class and at the end to the people who participated they got a treat and the people who played the game liked the game. How I know, is because they where exited about my questions and what questions where coming up next! Tomorrow I will give it to a third graders. I am very happy of my game and the feedback I got from people and I am also exited for the third graders to play the game because if I got feedback from them playing the game and how it was good, the third graders would also like the game. & that is what I am just thinking and I know that they will like it! 

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