Children’s Rights

Dear Readers,

Today I am going to be talking about what we have been doing this Unit. In our Unit we did a project which I am going to be talking about and also our Unit name was or we were learning about children’s rights. This is what we did, we read books on people that lost rights and also the teacher  found pictures, made the background black and we had to guess the background1 me and my class thought they were a happy family with no problem and when we saw what had happened to them we were shocked.  I am telling you this Unit may have been my longest  Unit EVER! SO BE PREPARED FOR THE LONG TALK!

Now I am going to be talking about my project!

In our project we had to choose someone that had a difficulty that someone had had! The person I had was suggested and I went for it! The person I did was Malala Yousafzai. We had to act out the person and feel how they would feel.We had 2 weeks and then we presented it! We were doing a wax museum. It was very fun and easy to freeze! well for me! On the day of the presentation I was exited  and when it was time to freeze, that was the best part for me! Theses are some of Malala Yousafzai quotes:




Mini Video, Click HERE 

Wishes, Stars, & Things  I would change

  • My Voice
  • Add in a scarf
  • Do things with my face

Wishes & Stars

  • W-  added more details
  • S- Was organised
  • W- Time to be longer  


This Unit I learned that all children are not the same! Some are smart and some are not educated, some are, and I have learned that all humans are not the way we think they are! When we started this unit, I thought that learning about other peoples life is boring, But it turns out no to be. It turns out FUN! This Unit I have learned allot  and I can keep on going! This Unit has been the best because we get to act and do much more! 

The things we did to make this full thing work is that we,

  • Researching in books,, Kindle,  and much more!  Some other things we are/did is that we did not get very thing from the teacher, the teacher only told us what we are going to do and how to do it. The rest we had to figure out!

And that is all I have today,

thank you & I hope you learned something knew!   





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