Tab for a Cause

Dear Readers,

Today I am going g to be talking about a you making a change to a the world and helping people survive there life! This thing is called tab for a cause. It is called that because it is a tab on chrome which if you do something it makes a change to the world!

How to get tab for a cause…….. The first thing you do is go on google chrome and then go to your web store and then tap in tab for a cause in the search place! Then press add to chrome and then it will take some time to load but it will come! It can take allot of time to make it come up but still wait, it will make a big difference to the world. It can take an our to load!

How to use it………So when you get it, it will show the time and the date. ads on the side and a heart on the right top with a number, that number is how much money all the people ┬áIn the world have donated!

To Learn more click here!

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