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This Unit in UOI we have been learning about energy. This also connects to our reading project! I would like to share this with you because  I would like to tell you readers what I have learned this month! I am going to be talking about my reading project first then the UOI project! For the reading I am going to tell you about non renewable energy & renewable energy. For UOI I am going to be talking about what we did and  learned and also where we went for a field trip! We went to two places and I am going to be talking about both places I went to! 

Non Renewable & Renewable Energy 

Non Renewable Energy 

What does non renewable energy mean? 

Well if  you do not know what is non renewable energy read on to find out! Well, non renewable means that some type of energy can not be renewed! Renewed comes out of the word renewable. 

Types of non renewable energy. They are 7 types of non renewable energies but I am just going to be talking about 3! The three that I am going to be talking about are coal, oil, & natural gas.

Coal affects our Earth

Coal affects our earth because when you burn it you can not take it back or in other words you can not use it again like if you burn the coal while you are cooking in a desert, that coal will burn and you will not be able to use it again! Another example is that it affects the earth because it pollutes our air! To continue click here to see my reading project book that I made! READING  

Renewable Energy means the same thing but the other way around!

Here are some pictures of what me and my partners project about!

  us seeing up!



Pictures in our field trip

    We build a solar car!

Me & my Partner  working


Thank you & I hope you enjoyed!


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