Unit 4 Decimals

Dear readers,

This month in class we have been learning about Decimals. A decimal is a point separating a whole number from a part of a number! First I thought that a decimal is a dot just like that so you can tell were the ones,  tens, hundreds, thousands, tenths, hundredths and thousandths! Also we have learned how to write decimals !

First I thought decimals can only be used in math in some things  and money! 


But I have learned that decimals can be used in measurement too! Like if were to measure this line __________________ it could be  5 cm and 3 mm which is written like this, 5.3 ! I have also learned that decimals can be used in number lines!

The things I still want to learn is that can decimals be used in when you are writing the decimal in words? For example:  685.089 Can it be Witten like this: six hundred eighty five . eighty nine thousands! or do you have to write it like this six hundred  eighty  five and  eighty  nine thousands. I have learned that decimals can be used in many different places!

Here is a poster just in case ! 

Thank you readers, & I hope you enjoyed and learned something new today!







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