I Love my Mum

When I am sad I think of my Mum. I think of my Mum because she always does something to surprise me. I also love my Mum  because she says  I am beautiful & my work too, When I think it is not good enough, she encourages me, she loves me no matter what, & most of all because she gave me birth.

The first reason I love my Mum is because she says my work is beautiful & the clothes I were look nice on me. For example:  One time on my Mums birthday, I made a card for her & I thought it was not good enough and that she would not like it! But i was wrong, it turned out to be that she loved it so much because I tried my best & that is what she cares about the most. Another reason is why my Mum loves me so much is that when I think I do not look good, she says I look amazing & she says that she loves the look. Another reason is why I love my Mum is because when when we have a competition & we have to make a project in the end I always think this is not good enough she says it’s great. And I even end up winning. And she was proud of me. I have learned that know one should feel like they can’t do it. And that you should never let yourself down.

The second reason I love my mum is because she encourages me. For example: One time this year we were having a Arabia test & I thought I would get a poor grade even tho I studied a lot. I just remembered that  the night before  the Arabic test I couldn’t sleep  because I was to worried about getting a poor grade and my Mum said that night that I would do great & she says that even tho I get a low grade, she does not care as long as I tried my best. Another reason I love my Mum is because she says I can do anything because I practiced. For example: When we had to percent something last year I was nervous & even tho I practiced I  still felt down & she said that I can do anything because I tried!

The Third reason I love my Mum is because she loves me no matter what.  For example: When I am notty with my Mum she still loves me, Like last time, when I was being notty my Mum still hugged me & I realized that  there is no need to be notty with your Mum. Another reason is that when I do not listen to her she still loves me. For example: when I do not want to finish my homework I just say I do not  want to do it & now I know why she says that. She says that because she wants me to be the best student. Another reason is why I love my Mum is because she shares her food. For example: In London  when we were going to Lester, I had no food & my Mum had. So I asked her if I could have some & she said yes. Instead of  giving me a piece  she gave me the whole thing. & she says that as long as I am good she is. & that makes me think that my Mum is generous & not selfish.

The fourth reason I truly truly truly adore my only Mum is because she gave me Birth. For example: If my Mum wouldn’t have gave me BIRTH  I wouldn’t be here right now. Another example is because if she did not give me Birth that shows me that she wouldn’t care about me, But she did,  & that shows me that she cares about me no matter what type of pain she goes through just for me. As I was writing this I just realized that if my Mum gave me birth that means that she loves me. & that is why I truly truly adore my Mum.

To restate my opinion I love my Mum because she says I am beautiful and also to the  work I give her is wonderful because she knows I tried my best, she encourages me when there is a competition, she loves me no matter what even although I do not listen to her all the time & do not finish my food she still loves me, and the 4 reason I love my Mum is because she gave me birth. If my Mum did not give me birth that would have showed me that she did not love me but she did & that shows me that my Mum cares about me.I learned that my Mum is a important person in my life because she has done so many things just for me to be happy and live a smooth life.& that is why I love my Mum.

To the best Mum in the world.


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