What I learned in Advertising this Unit

Dear readers,

This month in our Unit we as a class learned about adverts & also we made posters to advertise something you   wanted to do,& what is an Advert, what makes a poor advert,& most of why are adverts important, and the final Is how do you have a target audience. 

What is an advert

An advert is a poster or a flyer you know things you can use to make people come to buy your product. They are also important because if you do not have any advert how will people even know your shop  In life and they will not believe you and even because  you want people to buy your stuff so you they make adverts and show what they have,& Persuades you to go and buy there products.

What makes a poor advert

Do you know what makes a poor advert? Well, if you want to know what makes a poor advert is keep reading. A poor advert is when you put negative                             about what you are advertising and  also poor adverts have to much writing and they are not foist on  the topic.

Why are adverts important

Adverts are important because when you say to some one come buy one of my product, they might think you do not even have a store and you are just lying about it and they might think you are lying because they might be one of your close friends and before you had a shop you said to them that you do not have a shop and you did not do anything to advertise and they will think you are just making it up. & that is why Advertising is important.

What is a target audience

A target audience means that you are focusing on 1 thing.                              

  • Boys
  • Girls
  • Children 
  • Adults

You can only choose 1 because then you will do so much of 1 of them and so little on the other one and then you will get miked up in both of then you won’t even revise! & another reason is because then you will get miked up in the colors and when people walk past by your advert they will not even know what was your audience. Because you might be doing it on Gils and Adults which Adults like dull colors and girls like bright colors.

Thank you & I hope you enjoyed & learned something new today.

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