This week we as a class have been learning about advertising and what makes a poor advert and what make a good advert! I have learned that people make adverts to bring people to come to there company or trying to make people buy there things or stuff that they have. and we looked at paper adverts, we looked at T.V  adverts! and much more!                                                    I was surprised  that all most any were you look you see an advertisement!

I want to know if   Radio adverts  can  be more then 2 mins long!                          

I want to show you an ad below!

I have chose this advert because i like the way they have advertised it and how they put on the corner the mums and dads info to see what there child is eating and also because they are made it for kids with a cartoon character    so they are interested in it!  

And most of all i hope you enjoyed 

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