Will a Mountain last forever?

For our uint we have been learning about Natural processes  and Human innovation.And how does it happen! I have learned many stuff  but first in the beginning theses where the questions:

  • Will a Mountain last forever?
  • How does land form a canyon?
  • What are innovators and innovation?

Floods and many other stuff                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      So first i thought that a Mountain will last forever. So as days past and then after we watched a  video about will a Mountain last forever? So as i told you i thought that a  Mountain will last forever but i was wrong. A Mountain does not last forever because i learned that there is something called Root wagging and ice wagging. Hmmm, what does Root wagging mean? Well Root wagging means that when a seed falls in in to a rock and the rock latterly break up like this. 

                                                                                    Ice Wagging is the same thing but with ice, it look like this!


What is a canyon and how does it form? 

So i learned that a canyon is made with water? But than i was wondering that How is that even true? Water can not be that strong. So than a day latter  on that day we as in my class and me we went outside and then we made 4 sand castles  and than after that me and my partners  were poring water slowly in a cup which had a whole on the bottom.  we pored water and then i guess that yay water is strong, To make a canyon.

So the last thing i want to tell  you guys is that what innovation and what  are innovators. So innovation ,means that you take things that are all ready invented and make it better. And innovators mean that you make something better, like for example you take a book and make it better and another example is that you take a phone and make it better.

If you where a innovator what would you change?

Thank you and enjoy.


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