People of Determination

Hi, Have you ever known of  someone that has difficulties in there life and what challenges  they took and there achievements ? Well if you didn’t   here is what it means, it means some one who is deaf or has a mind of a 2 year old or something that has happened to some one witch is strange!!

Do you know that very famous people had problems in there life for example:  Andrea  Bocelli, Here challenge was that when she was twelve years old she was blind and here  achievement was that he was a very famous piano singer / Musician!!! And also  Ludwig Van Beethoven his achievement was that he became deaf and he made very famous pieces of musician!!! There are many more but these are examples of some!!                               

Do you know that ANY ONE CAN BE SICK ANY TIME!!!

Do you know that i never knew that Beethoven or any one  could write music when they were deaf. Do you know any one that has a problem in there life? Well if you do what can you do to help them!! I hope you learned something  today,  And i hope you enjoyed.

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