All About Camping

We’ll, Have you ever went Camping? We’ll if you haven’t you should go at least one time in you life!!! I bet you’ll have fun, How do i know case i went Camping once and it was a  BLAST, and  by Blast I acutely mean it so fun i do not know how to explain  it!!!!

  And plus you do not have to be scared, Once i went and in the car my mum told me just be careful, there might be like snakes  or some other type of creatures but  than i got really started to panic but than my   older brother said, Nhaaaa, theres no need to be scared we all ready watched a TV show on if you go Camping or if you go to the woods  and there are snakes, Don’t you remember  I do not want to tell you it all again you know, I’ll tell you when we get there/when we go Camping.

So when we arrived at the place/desert  my older brothers friends car got stuck in the  sand and than   i remembered that  when me my dad and my older brother use to play sport/ Tennis  and than someones car got stuck in a deep deep sand whole and my brothers friends car got stuck a bit in the sand not a deep deep whole!!!  So than when he got there car out of the sand we started  to make a Came fire, This is similar/same to the one we made!!             And than the adults played a  vampier game while the kids told story’s/ crappie/scary story’s!!!! 

And than we started  to put   marsh mellows over the fire , and my older brother got one on fire and he burnt his marsh mellow. We played a bit more and than it was time to go but i tell you there where No Snakes or ant other creatures!!!  IT WAS A BLAST!!!

Hmmm, if you went Camping what would you do?? 

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