Reflection on my writing

“Hi guys, today i’m going to be telling you about my writing in the beginning  of 4SD! I  bet you it is not a good one but you’ll see in the end how i improved. In the beginning it was a disaster.Words where EVERY WHERE, and by EVERYWHERE I  mean literally EVERYWHERE!!!

So then as days past we had lessons of writing  and through the lessons we were talking about many stuff like How to hook the reader and about the how the characters change and dialogue!!!! So as we carried on in  lessons and through lessons we learned and learned   more about writing and at the end/ Final Draft  this is what my work looked like.

I wish that i could improve on the ending of my story because i did not find it really interesting and i wish that i could add a bit more details.                            The best and interesting/fun  part for me was when they started fighting and that was the best part for me because when i was planing the story i started laughing because i remembered that in Grade:2 me and my friend  always use to fight over each other.     

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