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Will a Mountain last forever?

For our uint we have been learning about Natural processes  and Human innovation.And how does it happen! I have learned many stuff  but first in the beginning theses where the questions: Will a Mountain last forever? How does land form a … Continue reading

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People of Determination

Hi, Have you ever known of  someone that has difficulties in there life and what challenges  they took and there achievements ? Well if you didn’t   here is what it means, it means some one who is deaf or has … Continue reading

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All About Camping

We’ll, Have you ever went Camping? We’ll if you haven’t you should go at least one time in you life!!! I bet you’ll have fun, How do i know case i went Camping once and it was a  BLAST, and  … Continue reading

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Reflection on my writing

“Hi guys, today i’m going to be telling you about my writing in the beginning  of 4SD! I  bet you it is not a good one but you’ll see in the end how i improved. In the beginning it was … Continue reading

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