All about my weekend!!


By:Naveen Siddiqui

On Thursday, the 16th of November my older brother Aayan had his friends over for half the day.My brother said to me a day before his friends came over ,”Stay in your room or else I will ruin your party when your friends come, and  I said,”Fine.”The day his friends came I was just watching them from my room while I was munching up some of my food which was a biscuit.Latter on that day when all my brothers friends arrived at the house my brother and his friends were playing on the tv, and while they were playing, me, my dad and my little sister Sophia went to get pizza for my brothers friends and him.When we went to get the pizza we put music in the car and the music was my sister Sophia’s choice!!After we got the pizza we headed home.When we arrived at the house I passed out the pizza and plus we got four boxes of pizza, two cheese and two  chicken pizza.With in ten-fifteen  minutes all the boxes were fished and I ate some two slices, it was amazing I tell you!!! After a while  my brothers friends went to the park like at about 3:36 and came back at 5:45.Then they played on the TV for a long time and then my mum asked the boys if they wanted a banana milk shake and one of them said that they would like a chocolate banana milkshake!!!And the rest said no thank you.When my mum went down to the kitchen I  followed her.When the first chocolate milk shake came to the person who wanted it, everyone saw it  wanted one so my mum went down and made more of them!!! When they were finished they went to the front of the house and played more soccer!!Then their parents came one by one a picked them up until they were all gone!!And my mum was so tired  and so were we!! We all fell asleep with in half a hour.


The next day the 17th of November we went to Legoland !!!When we were all dressed up I had a hard time looking for stuff to keep for Legoland so then I stuffed books and some other stuff which I did not need!

The car ride was 1 whole hour!!! It was a boring car ride to Legoland!!

But the only funny part is when we were close to arriving the map on my dads phone said that we have arrived at your destination which is when we were at a  roundabout!! When we were at the gate of Legoland they checked our bags and then when we entered we got a card with our picture on it!!!

We passed many stores and we even went through mini land which was mostly made out of lego!!After a while we took a break.Than when we were done our break we went on this truck ride!!It was fun!!After while we went on a boat ride ,there was a long line.We waited and waited!! And finally it was our turn.The wait was not worth it i got to tell you!!! And than 10 min later we 

went to driving school,It was even better than the truck ride!!!Than before we went home we ate at McDonnell’s so peacefully.

The next day we went no where, we stayed home!! 



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