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UOI project for innovations

Click here to see my UOI-PROJECT

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My Reading Reflection

Here is a LINK to see my reflection

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Trimester 1 Math Reflection

3 things I have learned in math this trimester are: I have learned about  lines ,line segments ,and even rays! Lines  have two arrows on each end and they go on forever and ever!!Line segments  have two end points and … Continue reading

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All about my weekend!!

ALL ABOUT MY WEEKEND By:Naveen Siddiqui On Thursday, the 16th of November my older brother Aayan had his friends over for half the day.My brother said to me a day before his friends came over ,”Stay in your room or … Continue reading

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How I respect others?

I respect others by using manners!! I respect others by holding the door open. I respect others by buying them food when they do not have Any  food left. I respect others by listening to what they have to say!! … Continue reading

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