Project Reflection

June 18, 2018,

Today I am starting my project and I am very exited. Today I did not do any ting except of planing out what to do and now I finally know what to do and that is making a board for the third graders and I am exited because I always wanted to make a board game and publish it some where so people could have a chance to play it and this is my chance to make one and I am super happppppyyyyyy writing this post!   

June 19th, 2018

Today there where no problems with my Mak. I got it fixed and today, I got to very thing I wished for. My board game went well and I am all most finished and I thought it would take a long time but it did not and that was really surprising to me! I got lots of work done today and I am very happy because now I have more time for then writing. That is god for me because I do take a long time in writing but I do have a way to fit it in! Now from today, I am thinking that my project will take one more day to finish because I just need to make cards and color and that is it. I can do that in a hour and 30 minutes! thats more then enough to finish my work!


Moving on to writing…………………………………………….

I am also sure that I will finish writing fast because I know what I am going to do I have my plan written down and I got my reasons! So I am thinking that I will finish writing to and I will have 2 days left. So if I do finish before  I can Edit alone and then I can give it out to the 3d graders to play and feel how it is ti be in grade 4!



June 20th, 2o18

 Today I did not finish Because I tried out playing the game with my friends and also I needed to make the cards for the game and that took a long time because I needed to make  It for very single class in grade three and in the middle I was like ” Oh, I am so DUBM, I could have just printed more instead of waisting my time!” But I got through and it will just take me another day. When I am done I will give it too the third graders so they can play the game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


June 25, 2018,

Today I did not finish because yesterday, 24th, we had a field trip for a class party and that to allot  of time so we only had 30min in class so I did not finish. Know my plan is to finish to what I am doing at home so I can peasant on Wednesday and show the class how to play  it or I will show them on Tuesday and go to the third graders on the next day. My aim is to finish it at home and then try it out with someone and then I will give it in. I need to try it out with someone  because  I need to know what goes well and what does not go well so then I can fix it and there will be know problem for the third graders. Is at home, I need to finish writing the cards, making the poster, & also trying out the game with a frying or a family member and then I am ready. When I will have time in school I will just edit it and then I am ready for explaining it to the class and giving it to grade three!  


June 26th, 2018

Today I finished and I presented to the class and at the end to the people who participated they got a treat and the people who played the game liked the game. How I know, is because they where exited about my questions and what questions where coming up next! Tomorrow I will give it to a third graders. I am very happy of my game and the feedback I got from people and I am also exited for the third graders to play the game because if I got feedback from them playing the game and how it was good, the third graders would also like the game. & that is what I am just thinking and I know that they will like it! 

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My ideas are:

Teaching a class

Writing about an opinion of mine

Making a Board game 

Making a Board game and then writing about why people should play  the game 

My final decision is that I will…

My final decision is that I will be making a board game and then in the end if I have time I will make a peace of writing of why you should play it and also I am going to write down the Rules!

My plan is to…  

My Plan is to bring the things to school that I need, and then when I  am done that I will start coloring. That will take me 4 lessons. Getting things ready on one day, planing how I am going to set it on another day, work on doing the work on one day & coloring/ 1 hour working and then 30mins coloring! & on the last day I will Edit what I have done!  On the last three days I will be working on my persuasive writing on why you should play the game! & most importantly the game is called life in grade 4. I am going to give it to the 3 graders to play it and see how 3 grade is similar to 4th grade.   

I will keep my work / information… 

I will keep my info on notes and paper and I will give credit to the people who helped me and I will also show my bibliography and prove that I did not just read info from places and memorise it form one place!

My final ‘product’ or my aim I am working to achieve is…

Making a Board game for grade three . Telling  them about life in grade 4 in a game. 

Transdisciplinary Themes I am Working on:  

HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES: expressing ideas; creativity; music, drama, art, writing, poetry.

WHO WE ARE: beliefs & values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; cultures

Re-Search Skills

Thinking Skills – Understanding. Using knowledge in new situations. Comparing & Contrasting. Creating, designing, or inventing. Expressing opinions. Making good decisions.


This is my idea on what I am going to be doing for grade 3!

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Children’s Rights

Dear Readers,

Today I am going to be talking about what we have been doing this Unit. In our Unit we did a project which I am going to be talking about and also our Unit name was or we were learning about children’s rights. This is what we did, we read books on people that lost rights and also the teacher  found pictures, made the background black and we had to guess the background1 me and my class thought they were a happy family with no problem and when we saw what had happened to them we were shocked.  I am telling you this Unit may have been my longest  Unit EVER! SO BE PREPARED FOR THE LONG TALK!

Now I am going to be talking about my project!

In our project we had to choose someone that had a difficulty that someone had had! The person I had was suggested and I went for it! The person I did was Malala Yousafzai. We had to act out the person and feel how they would feel.We had 2 weeks and then we presented it! We were doing a wax museum. It was very fun and easy to freeze! well for me! On the day of the presentation I was exited  and when it was time to freeze, that was the best part for me! Theses are some of Malala Yousafzai quotes:




Mini Video, Click HERE 

Wishes, Stars, & Things  I would change

  • My Voice
  • Add in a scarf
  • Do things with my face

Wishes & Stars

  • W-  added more details
  • S- Was organised
  • W- Time to be longer  


This Unit I learned that all children are not the same! Some are smart and some are not educated, some are, and I have learned that all humans are not the way we think they are! When we started this unit, I thought that learning about other peoples life is boring, But it turns out no to be. It turns out FUN! This Unit I have learned allot  and I can keep on going! This Unit has been the best because we get to act and do much more! 

The things we did to make this full thing work is that we,

  • Researching in books,, Kindle,  and much more!  Some other things we are/did is that we did not get very thing from the teacher, the teacher only told us what we are going to do and how to do it. The rest we had to figure out!

And that is all I have today,

thank you & I hope you learned something knew!   





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Tab for a Cause

Dear Readers,

Today I am going g to be talking about a you making a change to a the world and helping people survive there life! This thing is called tab for a cause. It is called that because it is a tab on chrome which if you do something it makes a change to the world!

How to get tab for a cause…….. The first thing you do is go on google chrome and then go to your web store and then tap in tab for a cause in the search place! Then press add to chrome and then it will take some time to load but it will come! It can take allot of time to make it come up but still wait, it will make a big difference to the world. It can take an our to load!

How to use it………So when you get it, it will show the time and the date. ads on the side and a heart on the right top with a number, that number is how much money all the people  In the world have donated!

To Learn more click here!

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A Story about a Surah An-Nur

Dear Readers, Today I am going to be showing you something/ a story I found on the internet!

This is a Story I found on Google chrome to share with you and this is  about a Surah – This is the place I got it from! 

Surah An-Nur is a treasure trove of divine guidance on the ethics of communication. In this powerful multi-part tafseer of the surah, Nouman Ali Khan provides a compact reading of the aesthetics and language of each ayah. He also recounts the gripping details of the context in which the surah was revealed.

Ustadh Nouman first explains how the timing of this revelation, several years after hijrah, is a key factor in understating Allah’s purpose, especially when it comes to the punishment laid out in the opening ayat. This is Madani Quran when Muslims were thrust into a very different type of society and had to deal with different kinds of social challenges from what they experienced in Mecca under religious persecution.

In an unusual technique, Allah declares that this surah is “obligated” (faradnaha) on all Muslims in the very first ayah. This is followed by what seems like a very harsh public penalty for those found guilty of committing adultery.

These ayat are an important precursor to the transition into the story of ifk (slander) which involved Our Mother Aisha, the wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). While Allah stipulates that adulterers must receive 100 public lashings, an equally harsh penalty awaits those who level accusations against innocent victims without supporting these allegations with the testimony of four eyewitnesses. Not only do they receive 80 lashes for spreading such lies and rumors, they must also be ostracized in their communities and are not allowed to give testimony in court.

The way the incident of Ifk itself is presented in the surah is a source of profound wisdom about the responsibility we owe each other when it comes to preserving the dignity of a Muslim. The incident led to both a domestic crisis within the household of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and a larger crisis that affected the Ummah of Muslims at the time.

Ustadh Nouman explains how Abdullah ibn Ubayy ibn Salul, the serpent’s head of hypocrites (munafiqun) in Medinah, started a rumor by vaguely insinuating that there was “inappropriate conduct” between Our Mother Aisha and a soldier named Safwan. Aisha was accidentally left behind when the caravan returning from battle set off, thinking that she was in her hawdaj (carriage) on her camel. The sun had set as she searched for her missing onyx necklace and she lost her way, but when she returned and found that the caravan had left, she fell asleep in the campsite. Safwan found her and escorted her back to the caravan.

When he saw them together, Abdullah ibn Ubayy’s started a rumor that set in motion a whole series of events that cast a shadow over the Muslim community for over a month, until Allah revealed ayat proving Our Mother Aisha’s innocence.

Ustadh Nouman digs deep into the word “ifk”, explaining that it is derived from the root “afika” which means “deliberately digressing from the right path.” In the surah, Allah offers a consolation to the victims of this terrible injustice, practically telling Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his companion Abu Bakr As-Siddiq and his daughter Aisha that their pain will be a source of guidance to humanity forever and must therefore not be seen as a source of evil.

One of the main takeaways from this terrible incident is that in such cases, one of the worst sins a Muslim can commit is casually repeating a rumor that could harm another Muslim’s reputation. Allah says that this is a test of our iman and stipulates that we must immediately deny such rumors and not let ourselves become fertile ground for exaggerating unfounded allegations. It is haram not to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Allah uses angry language to describe the mouth that contributes to this form of explicit digression from good morals and condemns those who want shamelessness (and conversations about shamelessness) to pervade Muslim communities. To this, He promises painful punishment in this world and the next. Such behavior that increases lewdness and evil, is likened to walking in the footsteps of shaytan and will lead to the spread of unspeakable crimes that will chip away at the core of human decency.

When we hold our tongue in the face of baseless rumors, explains Ustadh Nouman, we will be able to attain our state of purity. Iman is a gift from Allah that will help us guard our chastity and protect our communities from shamelessness. We must resist the temptation to pontificate, take the high moral ground and publicly blame others for their mistakes, because in doing so, we too are crossing a shaky ethical boundary by carelessly assuming that unfounded claims are true and heedlessly repeating them.


Hope you learned something new

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Dear Readers,

This Unit in UOI we have been learning about energy. This also connects to our reading project! I would like to share this with you because  I would like to tell you readers what I have learned this month! I am going to be talking about my reading project first then the UOI project! For the reading I am going to tell you about non renewable energy & renewable energy. For UOI I am going to be talking about what we did and  learned and also where we went for a field trip! We went to two places and I am going to be talking about both places I went to! 

Non Renewable & Renewable Energy 

Non Renewable Energy 

What does non renewable energy mean? 

Well if  you do not know what is non renewable energy read on to find out! Well, non renewable means that some type of energy can not be renewed! Renewed comes out of the word renewable. 

Types of non renewable energy. They are 7 types of non renewable energies but I am just going to be talking about 3! The three that I am going to be talking about are coal, oil, & natural gas.

Coal affects our Earth

Coal affects our earth because when you burn it you can not take it back or in other words you can not use it again like if you burn the coal while you are cooking in a desert, that coal will burn and you will not be able to use it again! Another example is that it affects the earth because it pollutes our air! To continue click here to see my reading project book that I made! READING  

Renewable Energy means the same thing but the other way around!

Here are some pictures of what me and my partners project about!

  us seeing up!



Pictures in our field trip

    We build a solar car!

Me & my Partner  working


Thank you & I hope you enjoyed!


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Teachers should stop giving children homework


                                     Teachers should STOP giving Homework!          


Teachers should stop homework because children have already done work in school. They should be free and not thinking all the time and putting lots of pressure in there mind all the time. And last but not least children should NOT have homework because they should have time to play with friends and family or if they want to themselves!

The first Reason teachers should not give children  homework because they have! already done work in school! When children come from school they are tired and stressed and  maybe because they must have had a test and may be thinking about how they did and may be thinking alot about that! Another example is that maybe they had written a lot and there hands are fiddly and  and they might not want to write any more and also instead of using writing they also must have used there mak or computer in the class a lot!

The second Reason Teachers should stop giving children homework is because they should be free and not thinking and putting pressure in there mind all the time. When kids come from school and start working straight away it can give them sickness and that is not good for them! Another example is that when kids put pressure in there mind the worry to much about things. Like projects that are due tomorrow even though it isn’t they think it is and they worry and rush there work thinking that it is due tomorrow! These kids are known as, kids who sorry to much and put to much pressure in there mind! As I was writing this I have remembered that yesterday March 4th, 2018 I put to much pressure in  my mind on a reading project thinking that it is due tomorrow and when I brought it to school I told my teacher I am done and she said it is not due to day it is due in 2 weeks! And that is 1 of my Reasons children should not get homework because it pressurises there minds!

The third Reason Teachers should  REALLY REALLY REALLY stop homework is because they should have time to play with friends, family or themselves if they wish! Students should have time to play because when they come from school, They may have had a hard day and playing can take those times away from you & doing what you like makes you happy in many different ways! It carries them away with something else!

To restate why Teachers should stop giving children homework is because they have already done work in school so what the point of doing more work?  They should be free and not thinking all the time. Last but not least Teachers should stop giving children homework because they should have time to play with friends, family, or themselves if they wish! Next time you see a teacher or principal tell them STOP GIVING HOMEWORK!   



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Unit 4 Decimals

Dear readers,

This month in class we have been learning about Decimals. A decimal is a point separating a whole number from a part of a number! First I thought that a decimal is a dot just like that so you can tell were the ones,  tens, hundreds, thousands, tenths, hundredths and thousandths! Also we have learned how to write decimals !

First I thought decimals can only be used in math in some things  and money! 


But I have learned that decimals can be used in measurement too! Like if were to measure this line __________________ it could be  5 cm and 3 mm which is written like this, 5.3 ! I have also learned that decimals can be used in number lines!

The things I still want to learn is that can decimals be used in when you are writing the decimal in words? For example:  685.089 Can it be Witten like this: six hundred eighty five . eighty nine thousands! or do you have to write it like this six hundred  eighty  five and  eighty  nine thousands. I have learned that decimals can be used in many different places!

Here is a poster just in case ! 

Thank you readers, & I hope you enjoyed and learned something new today!







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I Love my Mum

When I am sad I think of my Mum. I think of my Mum because she always does something to surprise me. I also love my Mum  because she says  I am beautiful & my work too, When I think it is not good enough, she encourages me, she loves me no matter what, & most of all because she gave me birth.

The first reason I love my Mum is because she says my work is beautiful & the clothes I were look nice on me. For example:  One time on my Mums birthday, I made a card for her & I thought it was not good enough and that she would not like it! But i was wrong, it turned out to be that she loved it so much because I tried my best & that is what she cares about the most. Another reason is why my Mum loves me so much is that when I think I do not look good, she says I look amazing & she says that she loves the look. Another reason is why I love my Mum is because when when we have a competition & we have to make a project in the end I always think this is not good enough she says it’s great. And I even end up winning. And she was proud of me. I have learned that know one should feel like they can’t do it. And that you should never let yourself down.

The second reason I love my mum is because she encourages me. For example: One time this year we were having a Arabia test & I thought I would get a poor grade even tho I studied a lot. I just remembered that  the night before  the Arabic test I couldn’t sleep  because I was to worried about getting a poor grade and my Mum said that night that I would do great & she says that even tho I get a low grade, she does not care as long as I tried my best. Another reason I love my Mum is because she says I can do anything because I practiced. For example: When we had to percent something last year I was nervous & even tho I practiced I  still felt down & she said that I can do anything because I tried!

The Third reason I love my Mum is because she loves me no matter what.  For example: When I am notty with my Mum she still loves me, Like last time, when I was being notty my Mum still hugged me & I realized that  there is no need to be notty with your Mum. Another reason is that when I do not listen to her she still loves me. For example: when I do not want to finish my homework I just say I do not  want to do it & now I know why she says that. She says that because she wants me to be the best student. Another reason is why I love my Mum is because she shares her food. For example: In London  when we were going to Lester, I had no food & my Mum had. So I asked her if I could have some & she said yes. Instead of  giving me a piece  she gave me the whole thing. & she says that as long as I am good she is. & that makes me think that my Mum is generous & not selfish.

The fourth reason I truly truly truly adore my only Mum is because she gave me Birth. For example: If my Mum wouldn’t have gave me BIRTH  I wouldn’t be here right now. Another example is because if she did not give me Birth that shows me that she wouldn’t care about me, But she did,  & that shows me that she cares about me no matter what type of pain she goes through just for me. As I was writing this I just realized that if my Mum gave me birth that means that she loves me. & that is why I truly truly adore my Mum.

To restate my opinion I love my Mum because she says I am beautiful and also to the  work I give her is wonderful because she knows I tried my best, she encourages me when there is a competition, she loves me no matter what even although I do not listen to her all the time & do not finish my food she still loves me, and the 4 reason I love my Mum is because she gave me birth. If my Mum did not give me birth that would have showed me that she did not love me but she did & that shows me that my Mum cares about me.I learned that my Mum is a important person in my life because she has done so many things just for me to be happy and live a smooth life.& that is why I love my Mum.

To the best Mum in the world.


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What I learned in Advertising this Unit

Dear readers,

This month in our Unit we as a class learned about adverts & also we made posters to advertise something you   wanted to do,& what is an Advert, what makes a poor advert,& most of why are adverts important, and the final Is how do you have a target audience. 

What is an advert

An advert is a poster or a flyer you know things you can use to make people come to buy your product. They are also important because if you do not have any advert how will people even know your shop  In life and they will not believe you and even because  you want people to buy your stuff so you they make adverts and show what they have,& Persuades you to go and buy there products.

What makes a poor advert

Do you know what makes a poor advert? Well, if you want to know what makes a poor advert is keep reading. A poor advert is when you put negative                             about what you are advertising and  also poor adverts have to much writing and they are not foist on  the topic.

Why are adverts important

Adverts are important because when you say to some one come buy one of my product, they might think you do not even have a store and you are just lying about it and they might think you are lying because they might be one of your close friends and before you had a shop you said to them that you do not have a shop and you did not do anything to advertise and they will think you are just making it up. & that is why Advertising is important.

What is a target audience

A target audience means that you are focusing on 1 thing.                              

  • Boys
  • Girls
  • Children 
  • Adults

You can only choose 1 because then you will do so much of 1 of them and so little on the other one and then you will get miked up in both of then you won’t even revise! & another reason is because then you will get miked up in the colors and when people walk past by your advert they will not even know what was your audience. Because you might be doing it on Gils and Adults which Adults like dull colors and girls like bright colors.

Thank you & I hope you enjoyed & learned something new today.

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