Will a Mountain last forever?

For our uint we have been learning about Natural processes  and Human innovation.And how does it happen! I have learned many stuff  but first in the beginning theses where the questions:

  • Will a Mountain last forever?
  • How does land form a canyon?
  • What are innovators and innovation?

Floods and many other stuff                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      So first i thought that a Mountain will last forever. So as days past and then after we watched a  video about will a Mountain last forever? So as i told you i thought that a  Mountain will last forever but i was wrong. A Mountain does not last forever because i learned that there is something called Root wagging and ice wagging. Hmmm, what does Root wagging mean? Well Root wagging means that when a seed falls in in to a rock and the rock latterly break up like this. 

                                                                                    Ice Wagging is the same thing but with ice, it look like this!


What is a canyon and how does it form? 

So i learned that a canyon is made with water? But than i was wondering that How is that even true? Water can not be that strong. So than a day latter  on that day we as in my class and me we went outside and then we made 4 sand castles  and than after that me and my partners  were poring water slowly in a cup which had a whole on the bottom.  we pored water and then i guess that yay water is strong, To make a canyon.

So the last thing i want to tell  you guys is that what innovation and what  are innovators. So innovation ,means that you take things that are all ready invented and make it better. And innovators mean that you make something better, like for example you take a book and make it better and another example is that you take a phone and make it better.

If you where a innovator what would you change?

Thank you and enjoy.


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People of Determination

Hi, Have you ever known of  someone that has difficulties in there life and what challenges  they took and there achievements ? Well if you didn’t   here is what it means, it means some one who is deaf or has a mind of a 2 year old or something that has happened to some one witch is strange!!

Do you know that very famous people had problems in there life for example:  Andrea  Bocelli, Here challenge was that when she was twelve years old she was blind and here  achievement was that he was a very famous piano singer / Musician!!! And also  Ludwig Van Beethoven his achievement was that he became deaf and he made very famous pieces of musician!!! There are many more but these are examples of some!!                                    https://www.google.ae/search?               https://www.google.ae

Do you know that ANY ONE CAN BE SICK ANY TIME!!!

Do you know that i never knew that Beethoven or any one  could write music when they were deaf. Do you know any one that has a problem in there life? Well if you do what can you do to help them!! I hope you learned something  today,  And i hope you enjoyed.

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All About Camping

We’ll, Have you ever went Camping? We’ll if you haven’t you should go at least one time in you life!!! I bet you’ll have fun, How do i know case i went Camping once and it was a  BLAST, and  by Blast I acutely mean it so fun i do not know how to explain  it!!!!

  And plus you do not have to be scared, Once i went and in the car my mum told me just be careful, there might be like snakes  or some other type of creatures but  than i got really started to panic but than my   older brother said, Nhaaaa, theres no need to be scared we all ready watched a TV show on if you go Camping or if you go to the woods  and there are snakes, Don’t you remember  I do not want to tell you it all again you know, I’ll tell you when we get there/when we go Camping.

So when we arrived at the place/desert  my older brothers friends car got stuck in the  sand and than   i remembered that  when me my dad and my older brother use to play sport/ Tennis  and than someones car got stuck in a deep deep sand whole and my brothers friends car got stuck a bit in the sand not a deep deep whole!!!  So than when he got there car out of the sand we started  to make a Came fire, This is similar/same to the one we made!!             And than the adults played a  vampier game while the kids told story’s/ crappie/scary story’s!!!! 

And than we started  to put   marsh mellows over the fire , and my older brother got one on fire and he burnt his marsh mellow. We played a bit more and than it was time to go but i tell you there where No Snakes or ant other creatures!!!  IT WAS A BLAST!!!

Hmmm, if you went Camping what would you do?? 

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Reflection on my writing

“Hi guys, today i’m going to be telling you about my writing in the beginning  of 4SD! I  bet you it is not a good one but you’ll see in the end how i improved. In the beginning it was a disaster.Words where EVERY WHERE, and by EVERYWHERE I  mean literally EVERYWHERE!!!

So then as days past we had lessons of writing  and through the lessons we were talking about many stuff like How to hook the reader and about the how the characters change and dialogue!!!! So as we carried on in  lessons and through lessons we learned and learned   more about writing and at the end/ Final Draft  this is what my work looked like.

I wish that i could improve on the ending of my story because i did not find it really interesting and i wish that i could add a bit more details.                            The best and interesting/fun  part for me was when they started fighting and that was the best part for me because when i was planing the story i started laughing because i remembered that in Grade:2 me and my friend  always use to fight over each other.     

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UOI project for innovations

Click here to see my UOI-PROJECT

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My Reading Reflection

Here is a LINK to see my reflection

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Trimester 1 Math Reflection

3 things I have learned in math this trimester are: I have learned about  lines ,line segments ,and even rays! Lines  have two arrows on each end and they go on forever and ever!!Line segments  have two end points and they just keep on going back and forwards.The Ray has a one endpoint with an arrow on the other side,NOT WHERE THE ENDPOINT IS!!     

2 feelings I have about math are: HAPPINESS AND PRIDE because when i do something right on IXL i feel proud happy and i think that i  got it and i can do more of it  and also because it shows what i know already and what i need to improve on!!


1 piece of work that I think shows something I worked hard at is: A certificate,  and also a worksheet from something that you have done.   



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All about my weekend!!


By:Naveen Siddiqui

On Thursday, the 16th of November my older brother Aayan had his friends over for half the day.My brother said to me a day before his friends came over ,”Stay in your room or else I will ruin your party when your friends come, and  I said,”Fine.”The day his friends came I was just watching them from my room while I was munching up some of my food which was a biscuit.Latter on that day when all my brothers friends arrived at the house my brother and his friends were playing on the tv, and while they were playing, me, my dad and my little sister Sophia went to get pizza for my brothers friends and him.When we went to get the pizza we put music in the car and the music was my sister Sophia’s choice!!After we got the pizza we headed home.When we arrived at the house I passed out the pizza and plus we got four boxes of pizza, two cheese and two  chicken pizza.With in ten-fifteen  minutes all the boxes were fished and I ate some two slices, it was amazing I tell you!!! After a while  my brothers friends went to the park like at about 3:36 and came back at 5:45.Then they played on the TV for a long time and then my mum asked the boys if they wanted a banana milk shake and one of them said that they would like a chocolate banana milkshake!!!And the rest said no thank you.When my mum went down to the kitchen I  followed her.When the first chocolate milk shake came to the person who wanted it, everyone saw it  wanted one so my mum went down and made more of them!!! When they were finished they went to the front of the house and played more soccer!!Then their parents came one by one a picked them up until they were all gone!!And my mum was so tired  and so were we!! We all fell asleep with in half a hour.


The next day the 17th of November we went to Legoland !!!When we were all dressed up I had a hard time looking for stuff to keep for Legoland so then I stuffed books and some other stuff which I did not need!

The car ride was 1 whole hour!!! It was a boring car ride to Legoland!!

But the only funny part is when we were close to arriving the map on my dads phone said that we have arrived at your destination which is when we were at a  roundabout!! When we were at the gate of Legoland they checked our bags and then when we entered we got a card with our picture on it!!!

We passed many stores and we even went through mini land which was mostly made out of lego!!After a while we took a break.Than when we were done our break we went on this truck ride!!It was fun!!After while we went on a boat ride ,there was a long line.We waited and waited!! And finally it was our turn.The wait was not worth it i got to tell you!!! And than 10 min later we 

went to driving school,It was even better than the truck ride!!!Than before we went home we ate at McDonnell’s so peacefully.

The next day we went no where, we stayed home!! 



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How I respect others?

  • I respect others by using manners!!
  • I respect others by holding the door open.
  • I respect others by buying them food when they do not have Any  food left.
  • I respect others by listening to what they have to say!!
  • I respect others by letting them use my supply’s!! 
  • I respect others by doing what they say.
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