UOI video

During UOI, we watched this video about bird beaks/bills and their functions. They’ve asked me to post this video on the blog. 

Here are a few more photos they asked me to share. We discussed why a chameleon has a tongue that is so long and sticky, why the archer fish is shaped the way it’s shaped: it shoots water out and a bug, knocks it down into the water, and eats it!
We also looked at the mouth of a fish. We observed that it has a mouth that stretches out, and allows it to capture its’ food. We are continuing to learn about why birds have so many different shapes of bills and beaks. We learned that chickadees have bills that are short, triangular, and sharp to help them crack seeds, while hummingbirds have really long, thin bills to help them suck nectar from a bird. 


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