Field Trip

Dear parents,
This field trip permission slip went home with kids today. Please be sure to fill it out and return it no later than Wednesday, the 21st please.
Thank you!!


More supplies needed please….

As the year is going by, we are starting to run a bit low on a few items. Would you please try picking them up over the weekend as you’re shopping?
Needed items are:
~Colored pencils
~Large size ziplock bags
~Small size ziplock  bags
~Large pump of hand sanitizer (we go through this very fast!)
~Thick markers

Have a lovely weekend!

UOI video

During UOI, we watched this video about bird beaks/bills and their functions. They’ve asked me to post this video on the blog. 

Here are a few more photos they asked me to share. We discussed why a chameleon has a tongue that is so long and sticky, why the archer fish is shaped the way it’s shaped: it shoots water out and a bug, knocks it down into the water, and eats it!
We also looked at the mouth of a fish. We observed that it has a mouth that stretches out, and allows it to capture its’ food. We are continuing to learn about why birds have so many different shapes of bills and beaks. We learned that chickadees have bills that are short, triangular, and sharp to help them crack seeds, while hummingbirds have really long, thin bills to help them suck nectar from a bird. 


Middle School Student Council Cookie Sale!

On Thursday, February 22nd, the Middle School Student Council will be holding its annual cookie sale to raise funds for the UAE Make-A-Wish Foundation.  The students get to ice and decorate their own cookies. Cookies are 5 AED each and students can buy up to 2 cookies at one time.  This will happen during their break time at lunch in front of the cafeteria under the shaded area with the picnic tables (middle/high school side).  This is a great cause and we’ve been doing it for 6 years now!  All profits go to local children with terminal illnesses and help make a wish come true for them.  Thank you for your support!

Dear parents,
Next week we will start our new Unit of Inquiry. The kids are going to love this unit! We are learning all about the characteristics/traits of plants and animals and will discuss why they need these to survive. Please don’t tell them what we will learn about so that they can guess the new central idea next week through an in-class activity.