The Unit 1 Moral Education guide for parents was sent home today. It outlines the learning outcomes and has two activities that you can try at home with all your family members. This is a great opportunity to foster strong school-to-home connections.

The hard copies have gone home today. 

We are learning about chocolate is made in class, and we watched the following video. The kids asked me to post it to our blog so they can watch it home with you.

If anyone has a chocolate fondant machine to melt chocolate and would not mind sharing it for a day, please let me know. I’d like to have the kids melt chocolate, and dip their favorite fruit in it.



Our class photos are scheduled for Thursday, November 23rd at 10:00am.
Please be sure to wear your proper uniform with a collar, not the PE uniform.



Our Unit 3 Math Test will be on Wednesday, November 22nd. I’ve attached a copy of the Unit 3 Pretest for you. (I did not send a copy home with the kids.) Please feel free to use these as a guide to help prepare. 


We are going on our first field trip!  We will be visiting the Lacnor Factory tomorrow,  Monday, Nov 6th.  The permission forms have all been returned to me.  We will be departing from UAS at 9:30am and expect to be back around 11:30. Please remember to pack a lunch tomorrow just in case we get back late from the trip.

Thank you so much to our amazing moms for volunteering their time to chaperone on the trip:
~Gabriela’s mom
~Alexander’s mom
~Carl’s mom
~Vanilla’s mom
~Sza Nga’s mom

Thank you!

Ideas for our nonfiction books

Coming home today is a brainstorming sheet for our new writing unit. Please keep this at home until Sunday. Have the kids brainstorm some ideas that they can write about. The new unit is nonfiction, teaching books. They can teach about anything – one student decided he wanted to teach us all about Spiderman. He was not telling why he likes Spiderman, but rather teaching about who Spiderman is. He told about how popular Spiderman by giving examples such as: he has movies, he has cartoons, he has clothes sold with his S on it….
Another student decided to teach all he knows about how to take care of a dog as a pet. 

Human Flag Photo

Good morning Everyone!

In celebration of UAE Flag Day, UAS will be taking our annual human flag photo this Thursday.  Grade 1 students should wear a BLACK shirt.  They can wear black or their blue uniform shorts on the bottom.

We will be heading to the field at 7:40am to take the photo.  If you are running late, please meet us at the field.

Thank you!